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Aesthetic Surgery of the Buttock
A Comprehensive Clinical Guide
Del Vecchio, Durán
220,00 €


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In the past five years, buttock surgery has been changing and expanding worldwide, while also attracting media attention. Surgeons have been confronted with a shocking number of requests for buttock augmentation surgeries. Further, as patients become more complex, more complex procedures are called for, such as fat infiltration surgery combined with implants or, for example, modifying the waist-to-hip ratio.

Aesthetic Surgery of the Buttock is the first book of its kind, covering all relevant aesthetic issues. It offers essential guidance on performing surgery, but also on avoiding complications due to fat infiltration in large blood vessels and thus avoiding embolisms at the pulmonary level. In addition, much of the book addresses various aspects of fat infiltration, e.g. obtaining, processing and applying this fat. It also discusses implants, which are an excellent option for many patients, as well as new trends in the combination of fat infiltration and implants to achieve more natural results. Given its scope, it represents an invaluable asset for all plastic surgeons around the globe who perform body-contouring surgeries.

  1. Front Matter

    Pages i-x


  2. Anatomy and Aesthetic Concept

    1. Front Matter

      Pages 1-1


    2. Modern and Integral Anatomy of the Gluteal Region: FROD’S Intramuscular Space

      • Freddy Rodriguez Garcia

      Pages 3-30

    3. The Buttocks: Anthropologic and Cultural Evolution

      • Chris Khorsandi

      Pages 31-36

    4. Artistic Anatomy of the Gluteal and Lumbosacral Area

      • Stefan Danilla

      Pages 37-45

  3. Safety in Buttock Surgery

    1. Front Matter

      Pages 47-47


    2. Practice Advisory on Gluteal Fat Grafting

      • Daniel Del Vecchio

      Pages 49-66

    3. Real Time Intraoperative Ultrasound Guidance Can Make Any Gluteal Fat Grafting Procedure Safe

      • Pat Pazmino

      Pages 67-86

    4. Safety Comparison of Abdominoplasty and Brazilian Butt Lift: How Dangerous Is BBL?

      • Daniel Del Vecchio

      Pages 87-100

    5. Safety in Gluteal Fat Infiltration

      • Lazaro Cardenas-Camarena

      Pages 101-117

    6. Deaths Caused by Gluteal Lipoinjection: What Have We Learned from Microscopic and Macroscopic Fat Embolism?

      • Héctor Durán, Lázaro Cárdenas, Daniel Del Vecchio, Jorge Bayter, Alvaro Luiz Cansançao, William Peña

      Pages 119-127

    7. Avoiding Complications in Buttock Surgery

      • David Orozco-Rentería, Guillermo Ramos-Gallardo, Jesús Cuenca-Pardo, Lázaro Cárdenas-Camarena

      Pages 129-141

  4. Fat Science

    1. Front Matter

      Pages 143-143


    2. The Science Behind the Fat Graft

      • Gabriel A. Mecott, Sheyla Geraldine Hernández-Soto

      Pages 145-166

  5. Surgical Technique in Fat Transfer

    1. Front Matter

      Pages 167-167


    2. Preferred Surgical Techniques in Fat Transplantation to the Gluteal Region: Antigravitational Liposculpture

      • Alejandro Najar Mendez

      Pages 169-185

    3. Gluteal Fat Augmentation – Our Personal Approach

      • Rodrigo G. Rosique, Marina J. F. Rosique

      Pages 187-196

    4. Preferred Surgical Techniques in Fat Transplant to the Gluteal Region

      • Alexander Aslani, Miguel G. Bravo

      Pages 197-203

    5. S-Curve® Gluteal Augmentation

      • Daniel Gould, Ashkan Ghavami

      Pages 205-217

    6. The Lipocontour Technique

      • Héctor Durán

      Pages 219-230

    7. Surgical Technique in Fat Transfer

      1. Buttocks Dynamic Definition (HD2) Liposuction: for Adipose Harvesting and Grafting

        • Alfredo Hoyos, Mauricio Perez

        Pages 231-251

    8. Buttock Implants

      1. Front Matter

        Pages 253-253


      2. Gluteal Augmentation in Males – A Composite Approach Using Silicone Implant and Lipocell Transfer

        • Douglas S. Steinbrech, Eduardo Gonzalez

        Pages 255-263

      3. Overcoming Fear in Gluteal Surgery

        • Paulo Godoy

        Pages 265-270

      4. Anatomical Implants

        • Patricio Covarrubias

        Pages 271-278

      5. Round Implants for Buttock and Hip Augmentation

        • Gustavo Gaspar Blanco, Brenda Briseno Orozco

        Pages 279-286

      6. Natural Look in Buttock Implants: Eight Step Hybrid Gluteoplasty

        • Humberto Uribe Morelli

        Pages 287-302

      7. Combining Fat and Implants for Gluteal Augmentation

        • Alexander Aslani, Miguel G. Bravo

        Pages 303-311

      8. Gluteal Implant Associated with Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma

        • Guillermo Ramos-Gallardo, Adrián Alejandro Carballo-Zarate, David Orozco-Rentería, Daniela León, Jesús Cuenca-Pardo, Lázaro Cárdenas-Camarena

        Pages 313-318

    9. The Post-Bariatric Buttock

      1. Front Matter

        Pages 319-319


      2. Advanced Techniques for Buttock Restructuring, Reshaping, and Lifting

        • Eduardo Ulises Góngora Alejandre, Cynthia Catalina Solis López

        Pages 321-341

      3. The Post-Bariatric Buttock

        • Martín Morales-Olivera

        Pages 343-363

      4. The “Buttock Augmentation Lipofilled Flap”: A Novel Approach for Gluteal Contour in the Post Bariatric Body Lift

        • Rodrigo Munro-Wilson

        Pages 365-378

    10. Complications

      1. Front Matter

        Pages 379-379


      2. Management of Patients with ASIA Syndrome in Plastic Surgery

        • Carlos Alberto Ríos, Jaime Alexander Domínguez Quiñonez, Carlos Alejandro López Albán, Jhan Arturo

        Pages 381-403

      3. Complications in Buttock Implants Surgery: How to Prevent and Treat Them

        • Patricio Covarrubias, Paulo Godoy, Nicolás Flores

        Pages 405-415

      4. Infection in the Operated Buttock

        • Guillermo Ramos-Gallardo, Miguel Ángel León Hernández, Jesús Cuenca-Pardo, David Orozco-Rentería, Lazaro Cardenas-Camarena, Héctor Durán

        Pages 417-426

      5. Secondary Defects of the Buttock

        • Alvaro Cansanção, Alexandra Condé-Green

        Pages 427-435

    11. Postoperative Management of Buttock

      1. Front Matter

        Pages 437-437


      2. Drains in Gluteal Augmentation

        • Carlos Oaxaca

        Pages 439-443

      3. Postoperative Management of Buttock

        1. Gluteal Lipografting: Technique and Transoperative Care

          • Andres Fernando, Duran Pinilla, Andres Villate Hernández

          Pages 445-451

      4. Back Matter

        Pages 453-456


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