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Advances in Surgical Pathology: Mesothelioma
Attanoos, Allen
130,00 €
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Advances in Surgical Pathology: Mesothelioma, a volume in the Advances in Surgical Pathology series, features chapters on current and impending changes in the field with an emphasis on practical issues, recent developments, and emerging concepts.

 Created as a quick review, this volume delivers a concise, updated review of the pathological characteristics of mesothelioma—emphasizing the histologic correlation, clinical management, and treatment of the disease.  Timely content features include recognition of precursor mesothelial lesions, the role of molecular biology in the diagnosis and prognosis of mesothelioma, the interface between the clinician and the surgical pathologist, and the legal implications of attributing disease origin to asbestos and other factors. The book provides a resource for the periodic updates in knowledge required for daily practice, for current credentialing, and for the self-assessment modules for recertification. 

 • Concise and practical format provides a quick review of mesothelioma ideal for residents, fellows, practicing pathologists, and clinicians. 
• Core content addresses mesothelioma diagnosis, WHO classification, staging, imaging, biopsy, mimicking conditions, immunohistochemistry, targeted gene therapy, and the potential for stem cell treatment.
• Focus on recent advances and emerging technologies helps guide readers’ clinical care when treating patients with mesothelioma.
• Over 110 full-color images improve diagnostic accuracy.


Section 1:  Epidemiology, Clinical, and Radiologic Features

            Chapter 1:  The Diagnosis of Mesothelioma                                          

Timothy Craig Allen and Richard L. Attanoos

            Chapter 2:  WHO Classification                                                                       

                        Richard L. Attanoos

            Chapter 3:  Staging                                                                              

                        Jason Lester

            Chapter 4:  Imaging                                                                             

                        Jason Lester

Chapter 5:  Non-Asbestos-Related Diffuse Malignant Mesothelioma    

            Allen R. Gibbs and Richard L. Attanoos

            Chapter 6:  Spontaneous/Ideopathic Diffuse Malignant Mesothelioma   

                        Allen R. Gibbs

            Chapter 7:  SV-40 Virus, Vaccines, and Disease                                              

                        Richard L. Attanoos

            Chapter 8:  Medicolegal Considerations                                                           

Timothy Craig Allen and Richard L. Attanoos


Section 2:  Histopathology

            Chapter 9:  Approach to the Serosal Biopsy                                         

                        Richard L. Attanoos

            Chapter 10:  Morphologic Variants and their Mimics                            

                        Richard L. Attanoos and Allen R. Gibbs

            Chapter 11:  Mucin Histochemistry and Electron Microscopy               

                        Richard L. Attanoos

            Chapter 12:  Immunohistochemistry                                                      

                        Richard L. Attanoos

            Chapter 13:  Atypical Mesothelial Proliferations                                    

                        Timothy Craig Allen


Section 3:  Molecular Features

            Chapter 14:  Molecular Mechanisms of Pathogenesis                            

                        Alain C. Borczuk

            Chapter 15:  Molecular Prognostic Markers                                         

                        Jason Lester

            Chapter 16:  Targeted Gene Therapy                                                   

                        Jason Lester

            Chapter 17:  Immunotherapy                                                                

                        Jason Lester

            Chapter 18:  Molecular Diagnostics                                                      

                        Richard L. Attanoos

            Chapter 19:  Cancer Stem Cells                                                                       

                        Timothy Craig Allen



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