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A Guide to Mechanical Circulatory Support
A Primer for Ventricular Assist Device (VAD) Clinicians
Stewart, Blood
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About this book

This unique book details a multidisciplinary approach for providers caring for the Mechanical Circulatory Support (MCS) patient. Authors discuss the history of MCS, patient selection, surgical and post-operative care, mobility and nutritional issues for this subgroup of patients, along with outpatient management.  They are expert clinicians in the field of MCS and Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO), who provide direct patient care, conduct research, publish and maintain current leadership positions within the International Society of Heart and Lung Transplant and International Consortium of Circulatory Assist Clinicians.

Non-clinical issues including Regulatory, Reimbursement, Administration, Program Development and links to Professional Organizations supporting MCS Clinicians are presented in the book that will be of great value to Nurses first, but also to Advanced Practice Providers (NP/PA), Dieticians, Physical Therapists and Administrators.

  1. Front Matter

    Pages i-xx


  2. Mechanical Circulatory Support: Evolution and History

    • Michael Sobieski, Joanne Chichetti

    Pages 1-12

  3. Pump Design and Mechanics

    • Kathy Princer

    Pages 13-28

  4. Mechanical Circulatory Support Indications and Patient Selection

    • Tiffany Buda, Karen Meehan

    Pages 29-37

  5. Patient Optimization Prior to MCS

    • Brittany Rhodes, Holly Hamm, Scott Stewart

    Pages 39-55

  6. Surgical Insertion of a Ventricular Assist Device

    • George Batsides, Anja Strehlow

    Pages 57-68

  7. Postoperative Management of the VAD Patient

    • Sarah E. Schroeder, Sarah Schettle

    Pages 69-87

  8. Ventricular Assist Device Complications

    • Angela Washenko, Jami Bennett, Justin Hamm

    Pages 89-107

  9. Infectious Concerns and Prevention for Patients with Ventricular Assist Devices

    • Marcia Stahovich, Krista Marz, Jennifer Nowaczyk

    Pages 109-132

  10. Anticoagulation for Ventricular Assist Devices

    • Colleen Labuhn, Lisa Peters

    Pages 133-143

  11. Exercise and Physical Therapy with Ventricular Assist Devices

    • Louise M. Fuller

    Pages 145-155

  12. Nutrition for the Advanced Heart Failure and VAD Patient

    • R. Dawn Lowery, Laura A. Coyle

    Pages 157-172

  13. Outpatient Management for the VAD Patient

    • Lori Edwards, Thomas Berg

    Pages 173-179

  14. Regulatory Agencies Impacting Mechanical Circulatory Support Programs

    • Peggy Blood, Roxanne Siemeck, Linda Staley

    Pages 181-192

  15. Reimbursement in Ventricular Assist Device Implant and Care

    • Erin Davis, Michelle McCardell

    Pages 193-203

  16. Ventricular Assist Devices for the Pediatric Population

    • Mary Mehegan, Jenna Murray

    Pages 205-216

  17. Temporary Mechanical Circulatory Support

    • Kanika Mody, Keaton Lloyd, Andrea Stewart, Kelly Stelling, Kristina Lindsey

    Pages 217-234

  18. Administrative Aspects of the Ventricular Assist Device Program

    • Peggy Blood, Kathleen Davidson, Anne Luke

    Pages 235-241

  19. Psychosocial and Palliative Aspects of VAD Care

    • Martha Abshire Saylor, Shunichi Nakagawa

    Pages 243-253

  20. Professional Organizations in the Mechanical Circulatory Support Community: An Opportunity to Network

    • Michael Petty

    Pages 255-260

  21. Clinical Research and Applications to Mechanical Circulatory Support

    • Pamela S. Combs

    Pages 261-272

  22. Mechanical Circulatory Support in the Era of COVID-19

    • Christina Marie Silva, Scott Stewart

    Pages 273-281


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