Atlas of Clinical Nuclear Medicine, Third Edition

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Autore: Fogelman, Clarke, Cook, Gnanasegaran
Editore: CRC Press
Anno: 2013
Pagine: 992
ISBN: 9781841846538
Prezzo: 480,00€
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  • Illustrated with nuclear scans of superb calibre
  • Designed to be ideal for teaching purposes, as each chapter follows a template
  • Fully updated with all the latest technology, including PET
  • Includes new sections on infection imaging, hybrid imaging, and oncology, and a new pediatric section


The long-awaited Third Edition of An Atlas of Clinical Nuclear Medicine has been revised and updated to encapsulate the developments in the field since the previous edition was published nearly two decades ago.

The successful style of the previous editions, which received various awards, including Honorable Mention from the Association of American Publishers (1988) and The Glaxo Prize for Medical Writing (1989) has been built upon and expanded to provide the ultimate guide for beginners, those in training, and experienced practitioners. Each section contains comprehensive cases with first-class examples of correlative/hybrid imaging (SPECT and PET/CT) included where appropriate. This atlas contains superb illustrative cases and valuable supportive information, together with highlighted teaching points aiding all clinicians in routine practice. A predicted must for every nuclear medicine department.

A highly useful resource, this guide:

  • Presents a comprehensive set of top-quality nuclear image scans of superb calibre
  • Adopts a regular structure throughout, including helpful teaching points
  • Includes expanded coverage of new radiopharmaceuticals, PET/CT, and SPECT/CT
  • Contains new chapters on pediatrics, oncology, and infection imaging

Table of Contents

Nuclear Oncology
Liver & Spleen
Gastrointestinal Tract
Infection Imaging

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