Basic & Applied Concepts of Blood Banking and Transfusion Practices

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Autore: Blaney, Howard
Editore: Elsevier
Anno: 2013
Pagine: 387
ISBN: 9780323086639
Prezzo: 55,00€
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Using an easy-to-understand writing style, this text integrates immunohematology theory and application to provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to be successful in blood banking. Problem-solving exercises and case studies help you develop a solid understanding of all areas of blood banking.

New to this edition


  • UPDATED! Information and photos on automation include equipment actually used in the lab.
  • Flow charts showing antibody detection and identification help you detect and identify antibodies.
  • Advanced topics on Transplantation and Cellular Therapy, the HLA System, Molecular Techniques and Applications, Automation, Electronic Crossmatching, and Therapeutic Apheresis make the text relevant for 4-year MLS programs.
Author Info
By Kathy D. Blaney, MS, BB(ASCP)SBB, University of Central Florida, Medical Laboratory Sciences, Department of Molecular Biology & Microbiology, Orlando, FL and Paula R. Howard, MS, MT(ASCP)SBB, Micro Typing Systems, Pompano Beach, FL


Table of Contents:

Part I: Foundations: Basic Sciences and Reagents




Part II: Overview of the Major Blood Groups




Part III: Essentials of Pretransfusion Testing




Part IV: Clinical Considerations in Immunohematology



Part V: Blood Collection and Testing



Part VI: Blood Component Preparation and Transfusion Therapy



Part VII: Quality and Safety Issues


  1. Immunology: Basic Principles and Applications in the Blood Bank
  2. Blood Banking Reagents
  3. Genetic Principles in Blood Banking
  4. ABO and H Blood Group Systems and Secretor Status
  5. Rh Blood Group System
  6. Other Blood Group Systems
  7. Antibody Detection and Identification
  8. Compatibility Testing
  9. Blood Bank Automation for Transfusion Services
  10. Adverse Complications of Transfusions
  11. Hemolytic Disease of the Fetus and Newborn
  12. Donor Selection and Phlebotomy
  13. Testing of Donor Blood
  14. Blood Component Preparation and Therapy
  15. Transfusion Therapy in Selected Patients
  16. Quality Assurance and Regulation in the Blood Bank and Safety


Appendix A Answers to Study Questions


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