The Medical-Legal Aspects of Acute Care Medicine

A Resource for Clinicians, Administrators, and Risk Managers

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Autore: Szalados
Editore: Springer
Anno: 2021
Pagine: 700
ISBN: 9783030685690
Prezzo: 180,00€
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The Medical-Legal Aspects of Acute Care Medicine: A Resource for Clinicians, Administrators, and Risk Managers is a comprehensive resource intended to provide a state-of-the-art overview of complex ethical, regulatory, and legal issues of importance to clinical healthcare professionals in the area of acute care medicine; including, for example, physicians, advanced practice providers, nurses, pharmacists, social workers, and care managers. In addition, this book also covers key legal and regulatory issues relevant to non-clinicians, such as hospital and practice administrators; department heads, educators, and risk managers. This text reviews traditional and emerging areas of ethical and legal controversies in healthcare such as resuscitation; mass-casualty event response and triage; patient autonomy and shared decision-making; medical research and teaching; ethical and legal issues in the care of the mental health patient; and, medical record documentation and confidentiality.  Furthermore, this volume includes chapters dedicated to critically important topics, such as team leadership, the team model of clinical care, drug and device regulation, professional negligence, clinical education, the law of corporations, tele-medicine and e-health, medical errors and the culture of safety, regulatory compliance, the regulation of clinical laboratories, the law of insurance, and a practical overview of claims management and billing. 

Authored by experts in the field, The Medical-Legal Aspects of Acute Care Medicine: A Resource for Clinicians, Administrators, and Risk Managers is a valuable resource for all clinical and non-clinical healthcare professionals.

  • Morality, Ethics, the Foundations of the American Legal System, and Ethical Challenges in the Digital Age

    Pages 1-18

    Szalados, James E.

  • Traditional and Applied Clinical Ethics: Contemporary and Evolving Challenges

    Pages 19-41

    Shaw, Margie Hodges (et al.)

  • The Ethics and Laws Governing Informed Decision-Making in Healthcare: Informed Consent, Refusal, and Discussions Regarding Resuscitation and Life-Sustaining Treatment

    Pages 43-73

    Szalados, James E.

  • The Laws and Regulations Governing Hospitals and Healthcare Entities

    Pages 75-116

    Szalados, James E.

  • The Timeline of a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

    Pages 117-135

    Szalados, James E.

  • Regulation of Provider Practice: State Oversight, Licensing, Credentialing, Peer Review, and the National Practitioner Data Bank

    Pages 137-169

    Szalados, James E.

  • Laws and Liability Relating to the Education and Supervision of Trainees and Allied Health Professionals

    Pages 171-190

    Szalados, James E.

  • The Science of Teamwork in Healthcare: Importance to Patient Outcome

    Pages 191-218

    Szalados, James E.

  • Medical Error, Quality Management, and the Evolving Culture of Safety

    Pages 219-228

    Szalados, James E.

  • Laws Pertaining to Insurance and Risk Management

    Pages 229-249

    Szalados, James E.

  • Overview of the Claims Submission, Medical Billing, and Revenue Cycle Management Processes

    Pages 251-276

    Derricks, Joette

  • Regulations and Regulatory Compliance: False Claims Act, Kickback and Stark Laws, and HIPAA

    Pages 277-313

    Szalados, James E.

  • Medical Records and Confidentiality: Evolving Liability Issues Inherent in the Electronic Health Record, HIPAA, and Cybersecurity

    Pages 315-342

    Szalados, James E.

  • The Legal and Regulatory Components of Tele-ICU Care

    Pages 343-351

    Fusaro, Mario V. (et al.)

  • Digital Technologies in Healthcare: Opportunities and Risk for Health Systems and Providers

    Pages 353-361

    Papadakos, Peter J. (et al.)

  • The Laws of Professional Negligence: What Is Malpractice – And How Does Litigation Work?

    Pages 363-381

    Szalados, James E.

  • Legal Reasoning: Why the Law and Its Application Are Confusing to Medical Providers

    Pages 383-391

    Szalados, James E.

  • Ethical Conflicts and Legal Liability in Professional Nursing

    Pages 393-415

    Hughes, Taylor

  • Criminal Statutes Affecting Medical Providers

    Pages 417-436

    Szalados, James E.

  • Ethical and Legal Issues in Contemporary Pharmacy Practice: Scope of Practice, Drug Use Stewardship, Medical Error Management, and Teamwork

    Pages 437-452

    Szalados, James E.

  • Legal Issues in Mental Health Relevant to Acute Care Practice

    Pages 453-462

    Szalados, James E.

  • Clinical Labs: CLIA and Other Evolving Challenges

    Pages 463-477

    Szalados, James E.

  • Social Work, Care Managers, and Physician Advisors: Liability Related to Discharge Planning and Continuity of Care

    Pages 479-491

    Szalados, James E.

  • Employment and Human Resources Law: An Overview

    Pages 493-511

    Szalados, James E.

  • Anatomy of Healthcare Contracts: Pitfalls and Avoidance of Liability

    Pages 513-534

    Szalados, James E.

  • Corporate and Partnership Structures Used in Healthcare Entity Formation

    Pages 535-546

    Szalados, James E.

  • Statutory Controls and Regulation of Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices

    Pages 547-571

    Szalados, James E.

  • Ethical Principles and Laws Governing Clinical Research

    Pages 573-590

    Karcz, Marcin

  • State of Emergency: The Laws Governing Natural Disasters and Other Mass Casualty Incidents

    Pages 591-615

    Szalados, James E.

  • New and Evolving Frontiers in Resuscitation: Ethical and Legal Concerns

    Pages 617-627

    Tisherman, Samuel A.

  • Defining Standards of Care and the Role of Expert Testimony in Jurisprudence

    Pages 629-643

    Wright, Wendy L.

  • The Second Victim in Medical Malpractice Litigation: The Stress of Litigation

    Pages 645-658

    Wright, Wendy L.

  • Liability for Advanced Care Practitioners

    Pages 659-674

    LaRiccia, Brenton (et al.)

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