Surgical Pathology

A Practical guide for Non-pathologist

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Autore: Altaleb
Editore: Springer
Anno: 2021
Pagine: 152
ISBN: 9783030536893
Prezzo: 100,00€
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This book provides a practical and clinically oriented guide to the concepts of pathologic diagnosis of surgical specimens. Concise and highly illustrated chapters cover essential information required within patient management. Telepathology, ancillary techniques, and surgical oncology concepts are also examined.

Surgical Pathology: A Practical Guide aims to bridge the knowledge gap between surgeons and pathologists to promote mutual understanding and a better working relationship. This book is relevant to general surgeons, and surgical oncologists, whether in training or in practice. It also serves as an introduction for first-year pathology residents, and medical students interested in surgical pathology.

Dr. A.F. Altaleb, MB.BCh.BAO (RCSI Dublin), European Board of Pathology. Anatomic pathologist, and nephropathologist and renal transplant pathologist at MKH, Kuwait. He is a clinical tutor and member of examination committee, Kuwait Board of anatomic pathology. He is a graduated of Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland 2008 and joined Kuwait Board of anatomic pathology in 2010 and obtained the certificate of completion of training in 2015. He also obtained a Fellowship in Nephropathology from the clinical institute of pathology of the Medical University of Vienna, Austria. Since September 2017 he has been on the European Board of Pathology.

  • The Role of Surgical Pathologist: A Surgeon’s Perspective

    Pages 3-5

    Lari, Eisa (et al.)

  • Histopathology Versus Cytopathology

    Pages 7-11

    Ussene, Esperança

  • The Surgical Pathology Request Form, What Is Mandatory To Fill-In?

    Pages 15-17

    Ussene, Esperança

  • The Surgical Pathology Report Simplified

    Pages 19-23

    Altaleb, Ahmad

  • Clarifying Jargon in Pathology Reports

    Pages 25-38

    Altaleb, Ahmad (et al.)

  • The Journey of Specimens: From the Operating Table to the Microscope

    Pages 41-41

    Altaleb, Ahmad

  • At the Grossing Station: Principles of Specimen Handling and Cut-Up

    Pages 43-46

    Altaleb, Ahmad

  • Basics of Tissue Processing

    Pages 47-48

    Altaleb, Ahmad

  • A Primer on Gross Pathology Examination and Selected Images of Gross Specimens

    Pages 49-66

    Altaleb, Ahmad

  • Formalin

    Pages 69-72

    Palma, João

  • The Paraffin Block

    Pages 73-77

    Palma, João

  • The Pathologist and the Intraoperative Consultation: A Surgeon’s Perspective

    Pages 81-83

    Lairy, Ali (et al.)

  • Intraoperative Diagnoses Techniques

    Pages 85-86

    Altaleb, Ahmad

  • Frozen Sections

    Pages 87-88

    Altaleb, Ahmad

  • Biopsies in Oncology: Role, Types, and Principles of Optimal Sampling

    Pages 91-94

    Altaleb, Ahmad

  • Ancillary Studies in Surgical Pathology

    Pages 97-100

    Kozakowski, Nicolas

  • Commonly Used Immunohistochemical Stains and Their Diagnostic, Theranostic, and Prognostic Utilities

    Pages 101-105

    Kozakowski, Nicolas

  • Grading and Staging in Pathology

    Pages 109-110

    Kozakowski, Nicolas

  • A Primer on Clinical Stage Classifications of Malignant Tumors (cTNM)

    Pages 111-113

    Altaleb, Ahmad

  • Selected Tables of Pathologic Stage Classification (pTNM)

    Pages 115-126

    Altaleb, Ahmad

  • Surgical Margin Assessment

    Pages 127-130

    Altaleb, Ahmad

  • Metastases: A Visual Guide

    Pages 131-136

    Altaleb, Ahmad

  • Virtual Microscopy and Telepathology

    Pages 139-141

    Altaleb, Ahmad

  • The Modern Pathologist Role at MDT Meeting

    Pages 143-144

    Altaleb, Ahmad

  • Sources of Error in Surgical Pathology

    Pages 147-149

    Altaleb, Ahmad



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