Clinical Thoracic Anesthesia

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Autore: Sood, Sharma
Editore: Springer
Anno: 2020
Pagine: 324
ISBN: 9789811507458
Prezzo: 85,00€
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This book covers all aspects of thoracic anesthesia to equip the anesthesiologist in dealing with patient care from the time of admission to discharge. Apart from an understanding of anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, and imaging in thoracic anesthesia this book provides important nuggets of patient examination to help in decision making. Chapters provide information on the interpretation of various tests and intra-operative data for successful conduct of the surgery.


This book aims to be an efficient resource for anesthesia practitioners as well as trainees in learning about the full range of challenges faced while performing thoracic anesthesia.

  • History of Thoracic Surgery and Anesthesia

    Pages 3-19

    Sahai, Chand

    ations in Thoracic Anesthesia
  • Pages 21-32

    Dutta, Amitabh

  • Functional Anatomy of Thorax

    Pages 33-45

    Sirohi, Ajay

  • Lung Physiology Relevant to Thoracic Anesthesia

    Pages 47-59

    Jain, Anil Kumar

  • Thoracic Anesthesia Equipment

    Pages 61-81

    Mahajan, Shvet (et al.)

  • Preoperative Assessment of Thoracic Surgery Patient

    Pages 83-94

    Sood, Jayashree (et al.)

  • Patient Positioning in Thoracic Surgery

    Pages 95-98

    Panday, Bhuwan Chand

  • Monitoring in Thoracic Surgery

    Pages 99-109

    Panday, Bhuwan Chand

  • Fluid Management

    Pages 113-120

    Sharma, Shikha

  • Lung Isolation Techniques

    Pages 121-137

    Ranganath, Namrata (et al.)

  • Ventilation Strategies for Thoracic Surgery

    Pages 139-148

    Sethi, Nitin

  • Anesthesia for Lung Resection and Pleural Surgery

    Pages 149-161

    Chabra, Himani (et al.)

  • Mediastinal Masses

    Pages 163-179

    Baansal, Mahinder Singh

  • Anesthesia Considerations for Tracheal Reconstruction

    Pages 181-201

    Marwaha, Ashwin

  • Awake/Non-intubated Thoracic Surgery

    Pages 203-213

    Baansal, Mahinder Singh

  • Anesthetic Considerations for Procedures in Bronchoscopy Suite

    Pages 215-230

    Dua, Naresh

  • Pages 231-250

    Kumar, Akhil

  • Pediatric Thoracic Anesthesia and Challenges

    Pages 251-262

    Pant, Deepanjali (et al.)

  • Anesthesia for Oesophageal Surgeries

    Pages 263-274

    Sirohi, Ajay (et al.)

  • Pages 275-282

    Goyal, Sudeep (et al.)

  • General Principles of Postoperative Care

    Pages 285-293

    Sharma, Bimla (et al.)

  • Postoperative Management of Thoracic Surgery Patients: A Surgeon’s Perspective

    Pages 295-301

    Asaf, Belal Bin (et al.)

  • Enhanced Recovery After Thoracic Surgery

    Pages 303-313

    Kohli, Samia (et al.)

  • Postoperative Complications Following Thoracic Surgery

    Pages 315-333

    Gupta, Anjeleena Kumar

  • Pain Management in Thoracic Surgery

    Pages 335-362

    Kohli, Manish (et al.)

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