Uterus Transplantation

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Autore: Brännström
Editore: Springer
Anno: 2020
Pagine: 251
ISBN: 9783319941615
Prezzo: 120,00€
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This book discusses all aspects of the uterus transplantation procedure in women who are childless because of a dysfunctional or missing uterus, from initial pre-operative investigations to follow-up after the uterine graft has been removed. All the international experts who are engaged in clinical activities and/or research in this field have contributed one or more of the book’s chapters.

Since the first live birth following uterus transplantation was reported in Sweden in September 2014, the field has been rapidly evolving around the globe: the first cases in USA, Germany, China, Brazil, and Czech Republic were performed in 2016 and several other centres are preparing for clinical trials of uterus transplantation.

Uterus transplantation is a subject that attracts the attention of many bioethicists, and like all other major procedures in transplantation surgery and assisted reproduction techniques, it is a complex process that requires a multidisciplinary team if it is to be successful. As such the book is a valuable resource not only for clinicians from many disciplines, but also for nurses, ethicists, psychologists and researchers. 


  • Introduction: Uterus Transplantation

    Pages 1-10

    Brännström, Mats

  • The Ethics of Uterus Transplantation: Moral Challenges and Recommendations for Progress

    Pages 11-23

    Caplan, Arthur L. (et al.)

  • Patients with Uterine Factor Infertility: General

    Pages 25-32

    Garcia, Cesar Diaz

  • MRKH Patients and Their Preparations for Uterus Transplantation

    Pages 33-37

    Schöller, Dorit (et al.)

  • Rodent Animal Research in UTx

    Pages 39-50

    Akouri, Randa (et al.)

  • Domestic Species Research in Uterus Transplantation

    Pages 51-55

    Brännström, Mats

  • Nonhuman Primate Research in Uterus Transplantation

    Pages 57-67

    Kisu, Iori (et al.)

  • Human Preclinical Research in Uterus Transplantation

    Pages 69-72

    Brännström, Mats

  • Medical Work-Up of the Recipient

    Pages 73-78

    Pittman, Jana (et al.)

  • Live or Deceased Uterus Donor

    Pages 79-82

    Olausson, Michael

  • Medical Work-Up of the Live Donor

    Pages 83-87

    Brännström, Mats (et al.)

  • Medical Work-Up of the Deceased Donor

    Pages 89-93

    Davis, Anne C. (et al.)

  • Psychological Evaluations Before Uterus Transplantation

    Pages 95-101

    Järvholm, Stina

  • Assisted Reproduction Before and After Uterus Transplantation

    Pages 103-110

    Nilsson, Lars B. (et al.)

  • Surgical Technique of Live Donor in Uterus Transplantation

    Pages 111-117

    Brännström, Mats (et al.)

  • Surgical Technique of Deceased Donor in Uterus Transplantation

    Pages 119-127

    Tzakis, Andreas (et al.)

  • Surgical Technique in Preparation of Recipient

    Pages 129-133

    Marcickiewicz, Janusz (et al.)

  • Back-Table Preparation and Flushing of the Uterus

    Pages 135-138

    Kvarnström, Niclas (et al.)

  • Surgical Technique for Vascular Anastomosis of the Uterine Graft

    Pages 139-145

    Olausson, Michael (et al.)

  • Fixation of the Uterine Graft After Uterus Transplantation

    Pages 147-149

    Brännström, Mats (et al.)

  • Immunosuppression and Treatment of Rejection in Uterus Transplantation: Current Practice and Future Potential

    Pages 151-166

    Young, Matthew H. H. (et al.)

  • Evaluation of Graft Function After Uterus Transplantation

    Pages 167-170

    Milenkovic, Milan (et al.)

  • Rejection Diagnosis After Uterus Transplantation

    Pages 171-176

    Mölne, Johan (et al.)

  • Psychological Aspects After Uterus Transplantation

    Pages 177-182

    Järvholm, Stina

  • Obstetrical and Pediatric Follow-Up After Uterus Transplantation

    Pages 183-188

    Bokström, Hans (et al.)

  • Infections After Uterus Transplantation

    Pages 189-207

    Laecke, Steven (et al.)

  • Indications and Surgical Technique for Hysterectomy After Uterus Transplantation

    Pages 209-214

    Dahm-Kähler, Pernilla (et al.)

  • The Future Expansion of Patient Groups for Uterus Transplantation

    Pages 215-218

    Weyers, Steven (et al.)

  • The Bioengineered Uterus: A Possible Future

    Pages 219-230

    Hellström, Mats (et al.)


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