Clinical Nuclear Medicine

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Autore: Ahmadzadehfar, Biersack, Freeman, Zuckier
Editore: Springer
Anno: 2020
Pagine: 1029
ISBN: 9783030394554
Prezzo: 160,00€
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In the new edition of this very successful book, European and North American experts present the state of the art in diagnostic and therapeutic radionuclide procedures. The aim is to examine established and emerging clinical applications in detail, rather than to consider everything included in the comprehensive texts already available within the field. This “practical” approach ensures that the book will be a valuable guide for nuclear medicine physicians, technologists, students, and interested clinicians alike. This edition of Clinical Nuclear Medicine has been extensively revised to take account of recent developments. The roles of SPECT/CT, PET/CT, and PET/MRI are clearly explained and illustrated, and the coverage extended to encompass, for example, novel PET tracers and therapeutic radionuclides, advanced techniques of brain imaging, and the development of theranostics. Readers will be fully persuaded of the ever-increasing value of nuclear medicine techniques in depicting physiology and function and complementing anatomic modalities such as CT, MRI, and ultrasound.

  • Physics, Instrumentation, and Radiation Safety and Regulations

    Pages 3-48

    Zanzonico, Pat

  • Radiopharmaceutical Sciences

    Pages 49-191

    Ermert, Johannes (et al.)

  • Radiomics as Applied in Precision Medicine

    Pages 193-207

    Shaikh, Faiq (et al.)

  • SPECT and PET of the Brain

    Pages 211-231

    Kimura, Yasuyuki (et al.)

  • Clinical Applications of Nuclear Cardiology

    Pages 233-276

    Ferreira, Maria João Vidigal (et al.)

  • Ventilation/Perfusion SPECT Imaging Diagnosing PE and Other Cardiopulmonary Diseases

    Pages 277-293

    Bajc, Marika (et al.)

  • Scintigraphy of the Liver, Spleen, and Biliary Tree

    Pages 295-321

    Zuckier, Lionel S. (et al.)

  • Nuclear Medicine Imaging Techniques of the Kidney

    Pages 323-355

    Taylor, Andrew T.

  • Nuclear Medicine Imaging Techniques of the Gastrointestinal System

    Pages 357-380

    Ziessman, Harvey A.

  • Nuclear Medicine Imaging Techniques of the Musculoskeletal System

    Pages 381-430

    Gnanasegaran, Gopinath (et al.)

  • Application of Lymphatic Mapping and Sentinel Node Biopsy in Surgical Oncology

    Pages 431-458

    Sadeghi, Ramin (et al.)

  • Lymphoscintigraphy in the Management of Lymphatic Disorders

    Pages 459-478

    Sadeghi, Ramin (et al.)

  • Nuclear Medicine Imaging Techniques of the Neuroendocrine System

    Pages 479-488

    Haug, Alexander

  • Thyroid and Parathyroid Imaging

    Pages 489-510

    Pelletier-Galarneau, Matthieu (et al.)

  • Molecular Imaging of Inflammation and Infection

    Pages 511-536

    Palestro, Christopher J. (et al.)

  • Imaging of Atherosclerosis with 18F-FDG PET

    Pages 537-547

    Bucerius, Jan


  • PET/CT and PET/MRI, Normal Variations, and Artifacts

    Pages 549-584

    Beheshti, Mohsen (et al.)

  • PET in Head and Neck Cancer

    Pages 585-596

    Ruhlmann, Marcus (et al.)

  • PET in Gastrointestinal, Pancreatic, and Liver Cancers

    Pages 597-625

    Assadi, Majid

  • 18F-FDG-PET/CT in Breast and Gynecologic Cancer

    Pages 627-650

    Korhonen, Katrina E. (et al.)

  • PET in Lung Cancer and Mediastinal Malignancies

    Pages 651-664

    Gaertner, Florian C.

  • Nuclear Medicine Imaging Techniques in Melanoma

    Pages 665-683

    Lawal, Ismaheel O. (et al.)

  • PET in Lymphoma

    Pages 685-729

    Ghesani, Nasrin (et al.)

  • PET/CT in Renal, Bladder, and Testicular Cancer

    Pages 731-754

    Bouchelouche, Kirsten (et al.)

  • PSMA-Ligand Imaging in the Diagnosis of Prostate Cancer

    Pages 755-763

    Afshar-Oromieh, Ali

  • Lacrimal Dacryoscintigraphy, Radionuclide Hysterosalpingography, and Scrotal Scintigraphy

    Pages 765-769

    Pavics, László

  • Radionuclide Imaging of Children

    Pages 771-812

    Vali, Reza (et al.)

  • Radioiodine Therapy for Benign Thyroid Disease

    Pages 815-829

    Dietlein, Markus

  • Differentiated Thyroid Cancer: Radioiodine Therapy

    Pages 831-844

    Verburg, Frederik A.

  • Palliation of Metastatic Bone Pain with Radiolabeled Phosphonates

    Pages 845-856

    Wang, Jiaqiong (et al.)

  • Radionuclide Therapy of Bone Metastases with Radium-223 Chloride in Prostate Cancer Patients

    Pages 857-866

    Palmedo, Holger

  • Peptide Receptor Radionuclide Therapy

    Pages 867-898

    Yordanova, Anna

  • Treatment of Neuroendocrine Tumours (Neuroblastoma Stage III or IV, Metastatic Pheochromocytoma, Etc.) with 131I-mIBG

    Pages 899-915

    Schmidt, Matthias (et al.)

  • Radioimmunotherapy

    Pages 917-949

    Prasad, Vikas (et al.)

  • Radioactive Microspheres

    Pages 951-959

    Wunderlich, Gerd

  • Radioembolization

    Pages 961-999

    Roekel, Caren (et al.)

  • Assessment of Tumor Response with MRI and CT After Radioembolization

    Pages 1001-1009

    Lauenstein, Thomas C. (et al.)

  • Radioisotope Therapy of Malignant Pleural and Peritoneal Effusions

    Pages 1011-1014

    Bucerius, Jan (et al.)

  • Radiosynoviorthesis (Radiation Synovectomy)

    Pages 1015-1024

    Mödder, Gynter

  • Radioligand Therapy in Prostate Cancer Using PSMA Ligands

    Pages 1025-1029

    Seifert, Robert (et al.)


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