Thyroid and Heart

A Comprehensive Translational Essay

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Autore: Iervasi, Pingitore, Gerdes, Razvi
Editore: Springer
Anno: 2020
Pagine: 436
ISBN: 9783030368708
Prezzo: 110,00€
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In recent years, several scientific papers have highlighted the role of the thyroid system in cardioprotection, and several clinical studies – including multicenter studies – have identified the role of thyroid hormones (TH) in the development and progression of cardiovascular disease, making an update of TH and heart relationship both necessary and timely.
This second edition of Thyroid and Heart failure provides a careful and updated review of the experimental, clinical and epidemiological results in the field of TH and heart failure, with a particular focus on the translational - bench to bedside - significance of the obtained results. It discusses topics such as the molecular, structural, functional, cellular and histological cardiac changes; the reversibility of these changes with TH replacement therapy; the systemic effects – kidney, hormonal pathways systems, brain, muscle, etc – of altered TH metabolism in HF, as well as the clinical and prognostic implications. The  section devoted to the potential  therapeutic treatments has been expanded.
Thanks to its translational approach to this highly complex subject, the book will be  of interest to a broad readership, including cardiologists, endocrinologists and internists.

  • Thyroid and the Heart: A Historical Perspective

    Pages 3-11

    Sgarbi, José Augusto

  • Physiological Role of Thyroid Hormone in the Developing and Mature Heart

    Pages 13-22

    Rutigliano, Grazia (et al.)

  • Thyroid Hormone Signaling Mechanisms in the Heart and Vasculature

    Pages 23-41

    Ojamaa, Kaie (et al.)

  • Cardiac Metabolic Changes in Altered Thyroid States

    Pages 45-56

    Portman, Michael A.

  • Diastolic and Systolic Dysfunction of the Heart and Thyroid Hormone Abnormalities

    Pages 57-67

    Tang, Yi-Da

  • TH Metabolism in Ischemia/Reperfusion Models

    Pages 71-83

    Kusmic, Claudia (et al.)

  • Thyroid Hormone Deiodinative Pathways in the Normal and Failing Heart

    Pages 85-96

    Simonides, Warner S.

  • TH Metabolism and Active TH Metabolites in the Heart

    Pages 97-107

    Saponaro, Federica (et al.)

  • Thyroid Hormone, Mitochondrial Function and Cardioprotection

    Pages 109-126

    Forini, Francesca (et al.)

  • Thyroid Hormone and Vascular Remodeling in Heart

    Pages 127-136

    Balzan, Silvana (et al.)

  • Physiological and Pathological Cardiac Remodeling in Altered Thyroid Hormone States

    Pages 137-152

    Rajagopalan, Viswanathan (et al.)

  • Thyroid Hormone and Cardiac Repair

    Pages 153-162

    Pantos, Constantinos

  • The Role of Thyroid Hormone Receptor α1 in Cardiac Repair

    Pages 163-170

    Mourouzis, Iordanis

  • The Thyroid-Oxidative Stress Axis in Heart Failure

    Pages 171-186

    Gaggini, Melania (et al.)

  • Thyroid Genetics and the Cardiovascular System

    Pages 187-202

    Kuś, Aleksander (et al.)

  • Thyroid and Cardiovascular Risk

    Pages 205-227

    Elzen, Wendy P. J. (et al.)

  • Heart in Overt and Subclinical Hypothyroidism

    Pages 229-237

    Biondi, Bernadette

  • Blood Pressure in Thyroid Dysfunction

    Pages 239-243

    Jabbar, Avais (et al.)

  • Thyroid, Lipids, and Risk of Atherosclerosis

    Pages 245-262

    Brenta, Gabriela (et al.)

  • Arrhythmias in Thyroid Disorders

    Pages 263-277

    Marrakchi Meziou, Sonia (et al.)

  • Thyroid Hormone Abnormalities in Myocardial Infarction

    Pages 279-299

    Varvarousis, Dimitrios (et al.)

  • Thyroid, Heart Failure, and Neuroendocrine Activation

    Pages 301-309

    Emdin, Michele (et al.)

  • Heart Drugs and Influences on TH Metabolism

    Pages 311-325

    Bogazzi, Fausto (et al.)

  • Thyroid Dysfunction and Cardiovascular Disease in Chronic Kidney Disease

    Pages 327-338

    Zoccali, Carmine (et al.)

  • Thyroid Hormones, Brain, and Heart

    Pages 339-360

    Burkauskas, Julius (et al.)

  • Modalities of Thyroid Hormone Administration and Correlates Between Blood and Tissue Levels

    Pages 363-372

    Celi, Francesco S.

  • TH Treatment in Patients with Cardiac Disorders: General Aspects and Rationale

    Pages 373-380

    Sabatino, Laura

  • Thyroid Hormone Treatment in Acute Myocardial Infarction

    Pages 381-389

    Razvi, Salman

  • TH Treatment in HF

    Pages 391-407

    Pingitore, Alessandro (et al.)

  • Thyroid Hormone Treatment in Heart Surgery and Heart Transplantation

    Pages 409-436

    Novitzky, Dimitri (et al.)



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