Ankle Joint Arthroscopy

A Step-by-Step Guide

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Autore: Allegra,Cortese, Lijoi,
Editore: Springer
Anno: 2020
Pagine: 269
ISBN: 9783030292300
Prezzo: 120,00€
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This book provides a comprehensive overview of current arthroscopic techniques for the management of ankle joint disorders. An introductory section clearly and accessibly explains the anatomy in question, the portal placement and other ankle procedures, addressing both the articular and extra-articular compartments. All currently available minimally invasive surgical options and the management of various upper and lower lesions of the ankle are then described step by step, discussing the main issues concerning each of them and sharing useful tips and tricks. A closing chapter is devoted to rehabilitation, which greatly differs in patients treated with arthroscopic procedures and those undergoing open surgery. The volume is also supplemented by detailed videos for each technique and procedure, both outside on the cutaneous layer and inside the joint. 

The book offers an invaluable tool for orthopedic surgeons and fellows dealing with foot and ankle disorders who normally prefer to use open procedures and desire to complement their surgical options with arthroscopy, as well as for those surgeons already familiar with arthroscopic techniques who would like to broaden their knowledge of the field.

  • Anatomy of the Ankle Joint and Hindfoot

    Pages 3-9

    Dalmau-Pastor, Miki (et al.)

  • Gross Anatomy of the Subtalar Joint

    Pages 11-16

    Guelfi, Matteo (et al.)

  • Instrumentation and Operative Setup for Anterior and Posterior Ankle Arthroscopy

    Pages 19-27

    Pasquali, Cecilia (et al.)

  • Diagnostic Arthroscopy for the Anterior/Posterior Ankle Joint

    Pages 29-37

    Terzaghi, Clara (et al.)

  • Bony Impingement: Aetiology, Classifications, Treatment, Arthroscopic Procedures, Pitfalls and Tricks

    Pages 41-52

    Cortese, Fabrizio (et al.)

  • Soft Tissue Impingement: Etiology and Classification, Treatment, Arthroscopic Procedures. Pitfalls, and Tricks

    Pages 53-60

    Bertelli, Angelo (et al.)

  • Etiology, Classifications, Mechanism of Action

    Pages 63-68

    Gobbi, Alberto (et al.)

  • Repair by Microfractures and Perforations

    Pages 69-77

    Zanini, Antonio (et al.)

  • Restoration by Autologous Osteochondral Transplantation

    Pages 79-85

    Shimozono, Yoshiharu (et al.)

  • The Use of Aci/Maci to Restore Osteochondral Defects in the Ankle

    Pages 87-94

    Haloman, Sean (et al.)

  • Repair by Autologous Collagen-Induced Chondrogenesis (ACIC) Technique

    Pages 95-100

    Volpi, Piero (et al.)

  • Restore by Mesenchymal Cells

    Pages 101-106

    Buda, Roberto (et al.)

  • The Use of Allograft

    Pages 107-113

    Cortese, Fabrizio (et al.)

  • Classification, Treatment, and Arthroscopic Procedures

    Pages 117-123

    Branca, Alberto (et al.)

  • Instability of Ankle and Subtalar Joint

    Pages 125-127

    Ventura, Alberto

  • All Inside Broström Arthroscopic Procedure

    Pages 129-133

    Allegra, Francesco (et al.)

  • Capsular Plications Repair

    Pages 135-141

    Zanini, Antonio (et al.)

  • Radiofrequency Repair

    Pages 143-145

    Ventura, Alberto

  • Ligaments Anatomic Repair

    Pages 147-150

    Guillo, Stephane (et al.)

  • Syndesmotic Joint Instability Arthroscopic Repair

    Pages 151-155

    Allegra, Francesco (et al.)

  • Ankle Arthritis: Etiology and Classifications

    Pages 159-163

    Pantalone, Andrea (et al.)

  • Ankle Joint Debridement

    Pages 165-174

    Ceccarini, Paolo (et al.)

  • Ankle Fusion by Screws

    Pages 175-181

    Guelfi, Matteo (et al.)

  • Arthroscopic Assisted Ankle Fusion by Retrograde Intramedullary Nail

    Pages 183-188

    Allegra, Francesco (et al.)

  • Subtalar Joint Arthritis: Treatment and Arthroscopic Lateral Procedure

    Pages 189-193

    Shimozono, Yoshiharu (et al.)

  • Arthroscopic Subtalar Arthrodesis by Posterior Approach

    Pages 195-197

    Lijoi, Francesco

  • Flexor Hallucis Longus Tendinopathy

    Pages 201-205

    Lughi, Marcello

  • Peroneal Tendons Tendinopathy

    Pages 207-214

    Dijk, Pim A. D. (et al.)

  • Tibialis Posterior Tendinopathy

    Pages 215-219

    Dijk, Pim A. D. (et al.)

  • Haglund Disease

    Pages 221-226

    Lughi, Marcello

  • Tendinopathy of the Achilles Tendon

    Pages 227-237

    Maffulli, Nicola (et al.)

  • Endoscopic Treatment of Plantar Fasciitis

    Pages 241-247

    Allegra, Francesco (et al.)

  • Etiology, Classifications, and Treatment by Arthroscopic Procedures

    Pages 251-261

    Marangon, Alberto (et al.)

  • Rehabilitation Following Ankle Arthroscopy

    Pages 265-269

    Corsini, Alessandro (et al.)

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