Anesthesia in Thoracic Surgery

Changes of Paradigms

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Autore: Granell Gil, Sentürk,
Editore: Springer
Anno: 2020
Pagine: 409
ISBN: 9783030285272
Prezzo: 140,00€
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This book reviews and describes the best practices of anesthesia in thoracic surgery, according to evidence-based medicine. It covers preoperative assessment, applied pharmacology, airway management and ventilation methods. The analgesic methods in this surgical specialty are also discussed.

This book is aimed at all specialists in the world of anesthesiology and critical care as well as to physicians in training. It may also be of interest to thoracic surgeons and pulmonologists.

  • Pulmonary Resection: From Classical Approaches to Robotic Surgery

    Pages 3-18

    Guijarro Jorge, Ricardo (et al.)

  • Preoperative Evaluation: Frailty Parameters, Preoperative Neoadjuvant Therapy—Indications for Postoperative Care Unit

    Pages 19-32

    Cruz, P. (et al.)

  • Prehabilitation in Thoracic Surgery

    Pages 33-47

    Licker, Marc (et al.)

  • Lung Isolation Versus Lung Separation: Double-Lumen Tubes

    Pages 51-63

    Szegedi, Laszlo L. (et al.)

  • Bronchial Blockers: Applications in Thoracic Surgery

    Pages 65-75

    Granell Gil, Manuel (et al.)

  • Utility of Bronchoscope in Thoracic Surgery

    Pages 77-86

    Villalonga, Antonio (et al.)

  • Video Laryngoscopes in Thoracic Surgery

    Pages 87-98

    Tahan, Mohamed (et al.)

  • Intubation Guides, Tube Exchanger Catheter and Safe Extubation in Thoracic Surgery

    Pages 99-109

    Villalonga, Antonio (et al.)

  • Difficult Airway Management in Thoracic Surgery

    Pages 111-124

    Campos, Javier H. (et al.)

  • Respiratory Mechanics and Gas Exchange in Thoracic Surgery: Changes in Classical Knowledge in Respiratory Physiology

    Pages 125-136

    Wittenstein, Jakob (et al.)

  • Non-intubated Video-Assisted Surgery: A Critical Review

    Pages 137-152

    Karzai, Waheedullah (et al.)

  • Changes in Ventilation Strategies During Thoracic Surgery: Do We Have to Focus “Only” in Oxygenation?

    Pages 153-164

    Şentürk, Mert (et al.)

  • Change in “Gold Standard” of Thoracic Epidural in Thoracic Surgery

    Pages 167-182

    De Andrés, José A. (et al.)

  • Are There New Evidences on the Use of Neuromuscular Blocking Agents and Reversal Drugs in Thoracic Surgery?

    Pages 183-206

    Errando, Carlos L. (et al.)

  • Are Anticoagulants and Antiplatelet Agents Important in Thoracic Surgery?

    Pages 207-219

    Llau, Juan V. (et al.)

  • Prevention and Treatment of Infections

    Pages 221-243

    Monedero, Pablo (et al.)

  • The Role of Ultrasound (US) in Thoracic Surgery

    Pages 245-258

    Bouchez, Stefaan (et al.)

  • Changes in Classical Monitoring: Hemodynamic Monitoring, New Devices, NIRS, etc.

    Pages 259-274

    Hernandez, Alberto (et al.)

  • Lung Transplantation: Justification for a Paradigm Change

    Pages 277-297

    Marczin, Nandor (et al.)

  • Extracorporeal Life Support (ECMO) in Thoracic Surgery

    Pages 299-311

    Vicente, Rosario (et al.)

  • Thoracic Surgery in Patients with Previous Lung Resection

    Pages 313-325

    Granell Gil, Manuel (et al.)

  • Anesthesia for Esophageal Surgery

    Pages 327-342

    Végh, Tamás

  • Tracheal and Bronchial Surgery: HJFV

    Pages 343-360

    Stoica, Radu (et al.)

  • Pediatric Thoracic Anesthesia

    Pages 361-378

    Rodriguez-Diaz, César (et al.)

  • Robot-Assisted Thoracic Surgery and Anesthesia

    Pages 379-390

    Smets, Dirk (et al.)

  • Interventional Bronchology

    Pages 391-409

    De Casimiro Calabuig, Enrique (et al.)

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