Computed Tomography

Approaches, Applications, and Operations

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Autore: Samei, Pelc
Editore: Springer
Anno: 2020
Pagine: 470
ISBN: 9783030269562
Prezzo: 130,00€
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This book offers a comprehensive and topical depiction of advances in CT imaging. CT has become a leading medical imaging modality, thanks to its superb spatial and temporal resolution to depict anatomical details. New advances have further extended the technology to provide physiological information, enabling a wide and expanding range of clinical applications. The text covers the latest advancements in CT technology and clinical applications for a variety of CT types and imaging methods. The content is presented in seven parts to offer a structure across a board coverage of CT: CT Systems, CT Performance, CT Practice, Spectral CT, Quantitative CT, Functional CT, and Special Purpose CT. Each contain chapters written by leading experts in the field, covering CT hardware and software innovations, CT operation, CT performance characterization, functional and quantitative applications, and CT systems devised for specific anatomical applications.  This book is an ideal resource for practitioners of CT applications in medicine, including physicians, trainees, engineers, and scientists.

  • Fan-Beam CT Systems

    Pages 3-10

    Pelc, Norbert J.

  • Cone-Beam CT Systems

    Pages 11-26

    Siewerdsen, Jeffrey H.

  • Novel CT Acquisition

    Pages 27-43

    Yu, Lifeng

  • CT Statistical and Iterative Reconstructions and Post Processing

    Pages 45-59

    Pelc, Norbert J. (et al.)

  • Dose and Risk Characterization in CT

    Pages 63-83

    Kofler, Cameron (et al.)

  • CT Image Quality Characterization

    Pages 85-124

    Li, Ke (et al.)

  • Clinical CT Performance Evaluation

    Pages 125-142

    Lafata, Nicole (et al.)

  • CT Performance Optimization

    Pages 143-164

    Solomon, Justin (et al.)

  • CT Practice Management

    Pages 167-182

    Szczykutowicz, Timothy P.

  • CT Practice Optimization

    Pages 183-198

    Kalra, Mannudeep K. (et al.)

  • CT Practice Monitoring

    Pages 199-220

    Ding, Aiping (et al.)

  • Methods for Spectral CT Imaging

    Pages 223-242

    McCollough, Cynthia H.

  • Clinical Applications of Spectral CT

    Pages 243-268

    Euler, André (et al.)

  • Future Prospects of Spectral CT: Photon Counting

    Pages 269-286

    Schmidt, Taly Gilat

  • CT-Based Quantification

    Pages 289-304

    Samei, Ehsan (et al.)

  • CT Material Identification

    Pages 305-318

    Vernuccio, Federica (et al.)

  • CT Texture Characterization

    Pages 319-329

    Armato, Samuel G., III (et al.)

  • CT as a Functional Imaging Technique

    Pages 333-345

    Revels, Jonathan W. (et al.)

  • CT Perfusion Techniques and Applications in Stroke and Cancer

    Pages 347-365

    Lee, Ting-Yim (et al.)

  • CT Myocardial Perfusion Imaging

    Pages 367-393

    So, Aaron

  • CT in Musculoskeletal Applications

    Pages 397-410

    Zbijewski, Wojciech B.

  • Utility of CBCT in Neurovascular Diagnosis and Interventions

    Pages 411-426

    Strother, Charles M. (et al.)

  • CT in Cardiac Applications

    Pages 427-458

    Iranmanesh, Arya (et al.)

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