Spinal Conditions in the Athlete

A Clinical Guide to Evaluation, Management and Controversies

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Autore: Hsu, Jenkins
Editore: Springer
Anno: 2020
Pagine: 286
ISBN: 9783030262068
Prezzo: 120,00€
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This concise, user-friendly guide brings together the strongest available evidence with expert recommendations to provide insight into the management of injuries to the athlete’s spine, including controversies unique to this area. Divided into three thematic sections, this information will prove invaluable, as many of the real-world questions surrounding care do not have distinct and obvious answers. Considerations for team physician management comprises part I, including on-field assessment of spine injuries and concussion, rehabilitation and return to play, and complications and post-concussion sequelae. The second and third sections discuss injuries to the cervical spine and the thoracolumbar spine, respectively, describing injury evaluation, management, and outcomes in the elite athlete.

Spine conditions have been studied extensively in the general population; however, applying this data to the elite athlete is controversial. Numerous external variables make performance of well-designed clinical trials challenging in this population, and consequently evidence-based recommendations are lacking for the athlete’s spine. Practical and engaging, Spinal Conditions in the Athlete will be an excellent resource for sports medicine specialists, orthopedic and neurosurgeons, and any clinician treating the active patient.

  • On-Field Assessment and Management of Spine Injuries

    Pages 3-15

    Sahota, Shawn (et al.)

  • Considerations for Spinal Cord Injury in the Athlete

    Pages 17-24

    Molenda, Joseph E. (et al.)

  • Rehabilitation of the Athlete’s Spine

    Pages 25-35

    Watkins, Robert, IV (et al.)

  • Diagnosis and On-Field Management of Sports-Related Concussion

    Pages 37-57

    Buchler, Lucas T. (et al.)

  • Return to Play After Sports Concussion

    Pages 59-79

    Dayton, Steven R. (et al.)

  • Persistent Post-concussion Symptoms and Long-Term Sequelae

    Pages 81-88

    Turner, Jacqueline (et al.)

  • Evaluation of Athletes with Neck or Arm Pain

    Pages 91-107

    McCarthy, Michael H. (et al.)

  • Transient Brachial Plexopathy (Stingers/Burners)

    Pages 109-121

    Carr, James B., II (et al.)

  • Cervical Cord Neurapraxia

    Pages 123-131

    Valone, Frank H., III (et al.)

  • Congenital Cervical Anomalies in Athletes

    Pages 133-147

    Pittman, Jason L. (et al.)

  • Cervical Disc Herniation in Athletes

    Pages 149-155

    Patel, Shalin S. (et al.)

  • Cervical Stenosis in the Elite Athlete

    Pages 157-169

    Jenkins, Tyler J. (et al.)

  • Cervical Spine Injuries in Athletes

    Pages 171-181

    DelSole, Edward M. (et al.)

  • Evaluation of Athletes with Back or Leg Pain

    Pages 185-199

    Brochin, Robert L. (et al.)

  • Lumbar Disk Herniation and Degenerative Disk Disease in the Athlete

    Pages 201-213

    Jenkins, Tyler J. (et al.)

  • Lumbar Disc Herniation in the Adolescent Athlete

    Pages 215-234

    Cordover, Andrew M. (et al.)

  • Spondylolysis and Spondylolisthesis in Athletes

    Pages 235-247

    Sairyo, Koichi (et al.)

  • Traumatic Lumbar Injuries in Athletes

    Pages 249-262

    Davis, Elizabeth P. (et al.)

  • Thoracic Pathology in Athletes

    Pages 263-277

    Maslak, Joseph P. (et al.)

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