Spinal Anatomy

Modern Concepts

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Autore: Vital, Cawley
Editore: Springer
Anno: 2020
Pagine: 520
ISBN: 9783030209247
Prezzo: 170,00€
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This richly illustrated and comprehensive book covers a broad range of normal and pathologic conditions of the vertebral column, from its embryology to its development, its pathology, its dynamism and its degeneration. The dynamic anatomy of the living subject is viewed using the latest technologies, opening new perspectives to elucidate the pathology of the spine and improve spinal surgery. The respective chapters review in depth all sections of the vertebral column and offer new insights, e.g. the 3D study of vertebral movements using the “EOS system,” which makes it possible to define an equilibrium of posture and its limits. New histological and chemical findings on the intervertebral disc, as well as detailed descriptions of the aponeuroses and fasciae, are also provided.

Bringing together the experience of several experts from the well-known French school, this book offers a valuable companion for skilled experts and postgraduate students in various fields: orthopedic surgery, neurosurgery, physiotherapy, rheumatology, musculoskeletal therapy, rehabilitation, and kinesiology.

  • Comparative Anatomy of the Axial Skeleton of Vertebrates

    Pages 3-18

    Sénégas, J.

  • Embryology of the Vertebral Column

    Pages 19-24

    Pesenti, Sebastien (et al.)

  • The Growing Spine

    Pages 25-52

    Dimeglio, A. (et al.)

  • The Growth Cartilages of the Spine and Pelvic Vertebra

    Pages 53-74

    Vital, Jean Marc (et al.)

  • Morphologic and Functional Evolution of the Aging Spine

    Pages 75-109

    Sénégas, J. (et al.)

  • The Standing Position: Its Principles and Spinopelvic Relations

    Pages 113-125

    Roussouly, P.

  • The Reserve of Hip Extension and Its Relationship with the Spine

    Pages 127-131

    Hovorka, Istvàn (et al.)

  • The EOS System: Overall Assessment of Balance of the Vertebral Column and Its Movements

    Pages 133-140

    Dubousset, J.

  • The Cranial Vertebra

    Pages 143-151

    Vital, Jean Marc (et al.)

  • Surgical Anatomy of the Vertebral Pedicle

    Pages 153-160

    Obeid, I. (et al.)

  • Sacrum Anatomy: New Concepts

    Pages 161-170

    Gille, O. (et al.)

  • The Pelvic Vertebra, the Cephalic Vertebra and the Concept of the Chain of Balance

    Pages 171-187

    Dubousset, J.

  • The Cranial and Pelvic “Vertebrae” Are They Real Vertebrae?

    Pages 189-206

    Vital, Jean Marc (et al.)

  • The Intervertebral Disc

    Pages 207-216

    Lavignolle, B.

  • Anatomy of the Thoraco-Lumbar Facet Joint

    Pages 217-227

    Louis, Christian (et al.)

  • The Spinal Ligaments

    Pages 229-242

    Vital, Jean Marc

  • Sacroiliac Joints

    Pages 243-250

    Lavignolle, B.

  • The Normal and Pathological Spinal Muscle

    Pages 251-272

    Vital, Jean Marc

  • Configuration of the Posterior Lumbar Muscles: Study of Lumbosacral Malformations and the Extraforaminal Approach (ELIF)

    Pages 273-277

    Recoules-Arche, D. (et al.)

  • Vertebral Column: Muscles, Aponeurosis, and Fascia

    Pages 279-320

    Bonnel, F. (et al.)

  • Functional Anatomy of the Erector Spinae: Review

    Pages 321-327

    Sèze, M. (et al.)

  • Connective Tissues of the Posterior Aspect of the Trunk

    Pages 329-343

    Seyres, Martin (et al.)

  • The Spinal Canal

    Pages 345-362

    Vital, Jean Marc

  • The Spinal Cord

    Pages 363-389

    Guérin, J.

  • Spinal Nerves (Innervation of the Spine)

    Pages 391-401

    Lavignolle, B.

  • Anatomy of the Spinal Meninges

    Pages 403-419

    Sakka, Laurent

  • Intrinsic Innervation of the Spine

    Pages 421-426

    Robert, R. (et al.)

  • Spinal Vascularization

    Pages 427-443

    Liguoro, D. (et al.)

  • Systemic Approach to the Functioning of the Spine

    Pages 447-455

    Sénégas, J.

  • Kinematics of the Spine

    Pages 457-484

    Vital, Jean Marc (et al.)

  • Spinal Balance

    Pages 485-489

    Farcy, J. P.

  • Biomechanics and Spinal Modelling

    Pages 491-503

    Skalli, W. (et al.)

  • Anatomy Is a Living Language

    Pages 505-507

    Dimeglio, A. (et al.)

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