Atlas of Thyroid Cytopathology on Liquid-Based Preparations

Correlation with Clinical, Radiological, Molecular Tests and Histopathology

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Autore: Hoda, Rao, Scognamiglio,
Editore: Springer
Anno: 2019
Pagine: 245
ISBN: 9783030250652
Prezzo: 140,00€
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This illustrated volume serves as a handy guide to diagnostic fine needle aspiration (FNA) cytology of thyroid on liquid-based preparations (LBP).  It is intended to be a ready resource to accurately diagnose thyroid lesions on LBP using key cytomorphologic features. Key cytologic differential diagnosis, gross, and histopathological correlations accompany the cytological findings.


The Atlas of Thyroid Cytopathology on Liquid-Based Preparations is lavishly illustrated with color images of various thyroid diseases that should familiarize pathologists with the differences between conventional smears and LBP, and between the two commonly used LBPs. Authored by leaders in the field, this atlas provides clear, concise, and practical guidance pertaining to cytomorphology and the implications of thyroid FNA diagnoses for patient care in this era of precision medicine.

  • Liquid-Based Preparations in Thyroid Fine Needle Aspiration

    Pages 1-21

    Hoda, Rana S.

  • The Second Edition Bethesda System for Reporting Thyroid Cytopathology

    Pages 23-26

    Hoda, Rana S.

  • Nondiagnostic/Unsatisfactory Thyroid Fine Needle Aspiration on Liquid-Based Preparations

    Pages 27-34

    Hoda, Rana S.

  • Fine Needle Aspiration of Benign Thyroid Nodules

    Pages 35-55

    Hoda, Rana S. (et al.)

  • Atypical Cells of Undetermined Significance/Follicular Lesion of Undetermined Significance

    Pages 57-75

    Hoda, Rana S. (et al.)

  • Follicular Neoplasm/Suspicious for Follicular Neoplasm

    Pages 77-101

    Hoda, Rana S. (et al.)

  • Follicular Neoplasm Hürthle Cell (Oncocytic) Type/Suspicious for Follicular Neoplasm Hürthle Cell (Oncocytic) Type

    Pages 103-123

    Hoda, Rana S. (et al.)

  • Suspicious for Malignancy

    Pages 125-140

    Hoda, Rana S. (et al.)

  • Positive for Malignancy: Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma and Its Variants

    Pages 141-183

    Hoda, Rana S. (et al.)

  • Medullary Thyroid Carcinoma

    Pages 185-198

    Rao, Rema (et al.)

  • Other Malignant Tumors of the Thyroid and Metastatic Tumors to the Thyroid

    Pages 199-214

    Rao, Rema (et al.)

  • Immunocytochemistry and Immunohistochemistry on Liquid-Based Preparations of Thyroid FNA

    Pages 215-219

    Joshi, Megha (et al.)

  • Parathyroid Gland Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology

    Pages 221-226

    Rao, Rema (et al.)

  • Application of Molecular Tests in Indeterminate Thyroid FNA

    Pages 227-239

    Scognamiglio, Theresa (et al.)

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