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Autore: Whitaker, Shokrollahi, Dickson
Editore: Oxford University Press
Anno: 2019
Pagine: 456
ISBN: 9780199699537
Prezzo: 52,00€
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Burn injuries are recognised as a major health problem worldwide, causing morbidity and mortality in individuals of all ages. The Oxford Specialist Handbook of Burns is a concise, easy-to-navigate reference text that outlines the assessment, management, and rehabilitation of burns patients. With contributions from international experts, this handbook covers all aspects of burn-patient care, from first aid to reconstructive techniques and physiotherapy.

This new, pocket-sized title is an invaluable resource for all those who come into contact with burns patients, from accident and emergency doctors to allied health professionals, as well as specialists and trainees in burns units. Filling an important niche in the market for an accessible quick-access guide for those first on the scene, The Oxford Specialist Handbook of Burns is a comprehensive and detailed new resource.

1: Incidence and epidemiology, Naiem Moiemen and Ammar Allouni
2: Burn prevention, Michael Peck
3: Pathophysiological response to burns, Nigel Tapiwa Mabvuure, Christopher F. Munson, and Jonathon Pleat
4: Hypermetabolic response to burns, David N. Herndon, Celeste C. Finnerty, and Rene Przkora
5: The burns management pathway I: Assessing and transferring patients with an acute burn injury, Kayvan Shokrollahi and Susie Yao
6: The burns management pathway II: Receiving and initially managing a patient with burns, Kayvan Shokrollahi and Susie Yao
7: Predicting mortality and end of life care, Nick Marsden and Sarah Hemington-Gorse
Initial burn care
8: Burns first aid, Jorge Leon-Villapolas
9: Assessment of burn surface area, Rowan Pritchard-Jones and Kayvan Shokrollahi
10: Burn depth assessment, Peter George Dziewulski and Quentin Frew
11: Fluid resuscitation in burns, Rowan Pritchard-Jones, Chris Seaton, and Kayvan Shokrollahi
12: Escharotomies, William B. Norbury
13: Critical care of burns patients, Francis Andrews
14: Anaesthesia: preoperative management of patients with acute burns, Lee C. Woodson
15: Anaesthesia: intraoperative management of patients with acute burn injury, Lee C. Woodson
16: Burns surgery, Sarah Bache and Peter George Dziewulski
17: Burn wound dressings, Joseph Hardwicke and Naiem Moiemen
18: Infections in burns, Ernest Azzopardi and Christopher Henry Barbara
Types of burn
19: Chemical burns, Nigel Tapiwa Mabvuure, Ali Arham, David N. Herndon and Celeste C. Finnerty
20: Electrical injuries, Jong Lee, David N. Herndon, and Celeste C. Finnerty
21: Radiation burns, Christina Yip, Nigel Tapiwa Mabvuure, and David Bodansky
22: Ocular burns, Norbert Schrage and Parneet Gill
23: Hand burns, Jeremy Goverman, Shawn Fagan, and Dallan Dargan
24: Perineal and genital burns, James Warbrick-Smith and Peter Drew
Post-burn care
25: Skin substitutes, Sujatha Tadiparthi
26: Rehabilitation: occupation therapy and physiotherapy, Nicole Glassey, Alison Reeves, and Emily Hedges
27: Outcome measures for burns, Nigel Tapiwa Mabvuure, Ali Arham, David N. Herndon, and Celeste C. Finnerty
28: Scar management, Esther Middelkoop and Ruthann Fanstone
29: Principles of burn reconstruction, James Warbrick-Smith and Tom S Potokar
30: Burn contracture surgery, Stuart B. Watson
Outpatient and remote burn care
31: Outpatient management of minor burns, Nigel Tapiwa Mabvuure, Christina Yip, and Baljit Dheansa
32: Remote assessment of burns, Sophie Pope-Jones and William Dickson
33: Cost of burn care, Ammar Allouni and Naiem Moiemen
Burns in children
34: Paediatric burns, Jong Lee
35: Non-accidental injury (NAI) in children, Adeyinka Molajo and Kayvan Shokrollahi
Specialised burns care
36: Burns itch, Peter Brooks
37: Nutritional requirements in the burn patient, Christopher F. Munson, Nigel Tapiwa Mabvuure, and Baljit Dheansa
38: Tetanus, Karen J Lindsay
39: Desquamating skin disorders, Sandip Hindocha and Kayvan Shokrollahi
40: Military burns, Kamal Bisarya and Tania Cubison
41: Sunburn and artificial tanning, Nick Marsden and Sarah Hemington-Gorse
42: Frostbite, Sujatha Tadiparth and Kayvan Shokrollahi
43: Hair replacement, Nagham Darhouse and Greg Williams
44: Laser management of scars, Karen J Lindsay and Kayvan Shokrollahi
45: Face transplantation, Indranil Sinha, Raj M. Vyas, and Bohdan Pomahac
Pain management
46: Pain management, William L Yancey, Walter J. Meyer III, Lee C. Woodson, and Rene Przkora
47: Burn care drug formulary, Greg Barton

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