Essentials of Pediatric Neuroanesthesia

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Autore: Soriano, McClain
Editore: Cambridge University Press
Anno: 2019
Pagine: 204
ISBN: 9781316608876
Prezzo: 57,50€
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Due to the differences in the neurophysiology and cranial development of infants and children, the anesthetist's approach to the pediatric neurosurgical patient cannot simply be modelled on that for adults. Infants and children undergoing anesthesia for neurosurgical procedures therefore present unique challenges for the anesthetist. Essentials of Pediatric Neuroanesthesia is a practical guide to best practice in managing the perioperative care of pediatric neurosurgical patients, providing comprehensive information on the techniques to administer anesthesia and sedation to this vulnerable patient group. The chapters, written by leading experts, highlight clinical pearls as well as key recommended references, providing rapid access to vital information in the care of the pediatric neurosurgical patient. It is the first book of its kind to be dedicated solely to neuroanesthesia for pediatric patients, making it an essential read for both experienced and trainee pediatric anesthetists and neuroanesthetists.

  • Written by authors who are international experts on special areas of pediatric neuroanesthesia and critical care
  • State of the art techniques and insight of complex issues are discussed
  • The first book of its kind to focus specifically on the treatment and management of pediatric neurosurgical patients


List of contributors
1. Developmental approach to the pediatric neurosurgical patient Jue Wang and Sulpicio G. Soriano
2. Developmental cerebrovascular physiology in pediatric neuroanesthesia Jennifer K. Lee and Ken M. Brady
3. Neuroprotective strategies in the pediatric patient Rebecca Dube and Jason T. Maynes
4. Neuropharmacology in pediatric neuroanesthesia Hemanshu Prabhakar, Charu Mahajan and Indu Kapoor
5. Blood sparing techniques in pediatric neuroanesthesia Susan M. Goobie and David Faraoni
6. Regional anesthesia for pediatric neurosurgery Ravi Shah and Santhanam Suresh
7. Pediatric anesthesia for posterior fossa craniotomy Audrice Francois
8. Congenital neurosurgical lesions in pediatric neuroanesthesia Cynthia Tung, Lazslo Vutskits and Sulpicio G. Soriano
9. Anesthetic considerations for deep brain stimulator placement in pediatric neuroanesthesia Eric Darrow
10. Anesthesia for fetal neurosurgery Elaina E. Lin and Kha M. Tran
11. Anesthesia for craniofacial surgery Elaina E. Lin and Paul A. Stricker
12. Anesthesia for cerebrovascular disease in children Laura C. Rhee and Craig D. McClain
13. Pediatric neuroanesthesia in epilepsy surgery Hubert A. Benzon, Douglas Hale McMichael and Craig D. McClain
14. Pediatric neuroanesthesia in traumatic brain injury David Levin, Monica S. Vavilala and Sulpicio G. Soriano
15. Pediatric anesthesia for minimally invasive surgery Petra M. Meier and Thomas O. Erb
16. Intra-operative neuromonitoring in pediatric neurosurgery John McAuliffe
17. Pediatric anesthesia for neurointerventional radiology Mary Landrigan-Ossar
18. Radiation therapy in pediatric neuroanesthesia Thejovathi Edala, Rahuk Koka and Babu Koka
19. Anesthetic-induced neurotoxicity in pediatric neuroanesthesia Mary Ellen McCann
20. Perioperative salt and water in pediatric neurocritical care in pediatric neuroanesthesia Robert C. Tasker and Frederick Vonberg
21. Intensive care considerations of pediatric neurosurgery Craig D. McClain and Michael L. McManus

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