Healthy Aging

A Complete Guide to Clinical Management

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Autore: Coll
Editore: Springer
Anno: 2019
Pagine: 400
ISBN: 9783030061999
Prezzo: 130,00€
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This book weaves all of these factors together to engage in and promote medical, biomedical and psychosocial interventions, including lifestyle changes, for healthier aging outcomes. The text begins with an introduction to age-related changes that increase in disease and disability commonly associated with old age. Written by experts in healthy aging, the text approaches the principles of disease and disability prevention via specific health issues.  Each chapter highlights the challenge of not just increasing life expectancy but also deceasing disease burden and disability in old age.  The text then shifts into the whole-person implications for clinicians working with older patients, including the social and cultural considerations that are necessary for improved outcomes as Baby Boomers age and healthcare systems worldwide adjust.  


Healthy Aging is an important resource for those working with older patients, including geriatricians, family medicine physicians, nurses, gerontologists, students, public health administrators, and all other medical professionals.

  • Healthy Aging: Definition and Scope

    Coll, Patrick P.

    Pages 1-7

  • Disease, Disability, and Frailty with Increasing Age

    Shah, Krupa

    Pages 9-14

  • The Principles of Disease and Disability Prevention and Health Promotion with Increasing Age

    Sharda, Neema (et al.)

    Pages 15-22

  • The Interface Between Healthy Aging, Longevity, Disease, and Disability

    Friedman, Susan M.

    Pages 23-29

  • Cardiovascular Health and Healthy Aging

    Reynolds, Ian (et al.)

    Pages 31-51

  • Musculoskeletal Health and Healthy Ageing

    Brennan-Olsen, Sharon L. (et al.)

    Pages 53-66

  • Gastrointestinal Health and Healthy Aging

    Siddappa, Pradeep K. (et al.)

    Pages 67-79

  • Pulmonary Health and Healthy Aging

    Clark, Brian J. (et al.)

    Pages 81-92

  • Urogenital Health: Optimizing Healthy Aging

    Harnisch, Brooke A. (et al.)

    Pages 93-103

  • Skin Health and Healthy Aging: Skin Cosmetics

    Parikh, Sonal A. (et al.)

    Pages 105-113

  • Skin Health and Healthy Aging: Skin Disease

    Kelsey, Andrew (et al.)

    Pages 115-132

  • Preventing Falls and Injuries and Healthy Ageing

    Montero-Odasso, Manuel

    Pages 133-144

  • Sensory Health and Healthy Aging: Hearing and Smell

    Lafreniere, Denis (et al.)

    Pages 145-158

  • Sensory Health and Healthy Aging: Vision

    Shamim, Muhammad Musab (et al.)

    Pages 159-168

  • Cognition and Health Ageing

    Briggs, Robert (et al.)

    Pages 169-180

  • Preventing Infections and Healthy Aging

    McElhaney, Janet E. (et al.)

    Pages 181-188

  • Cancer Prevention and Healthy Aging

    Cook, Elise D. (et al.)

    Pages 189-199

  • Endocrine Health and Healthy Aging

    Mirza, Faryal S. (et al.)

    Pages 201-212

  • Oral Health and Healthy Aging

    Dirks, Sarah J. (et al.)

    Pages 213-226

  • Healthy Aging and Exercise: Preventing Disease and Disability

    Wu, Yin (et al.)

    Pages 227-240

  • Healthy Aging and Exercise: Treating Disease and Disability

    Wu, Yin (et al.)

    Pages 241-261

  • Nutrition and Healthy Aging

    Ellis, Amy C.

    Pages 263-274

  • Sleep and Healthy Aging

    Trieu, Eric (et al.)

    Pages 275-282

  • Promoting Healthy Aging Through Recognition and Treatment of Psychiatric Disorders in Older Adults

    Yagudayeva, Raisa (et al.)

    Pages 283-294

  • Sexuality, Intimacy, and Healthy Aging

    Messelis, Els (et al.)

    Pages 295-303

  • Pain and Healthy Aging

    Guerriero, Fabio (et al.)

    Pages 305-312

  • Creativity and Healthy Ageing

    O’Neill, Desmond

    Pages 313-318

  • Human Relationships and Healthy Aging

    Benson, Jacquelyn J. (et al.)

    Pages 319-328

  • Resilience, Adapting to Change, and Healthy Aging

    Martin, Peter (et al.)

    Pages 329-334

  • Mindfulness, Spirituality, and Healthy Aging

    Nappi, Brandon

    Pages 335-340

  • Cultural and Socioeconomic Determinants of Healthy Aging

    Brennan-Olsen, Sharon L. (et al.)

    Pages 341-347

  • Employment and the Workplace Supporting Healthy Aging

    Crawford, Joanne

    Pages 349-354

  • Housing and Planning Supporting Healthy Aging

    Molinsky, Jennifer (et al.)

    Pages 355-366

  • Healthcare Systems and Healthcare Funding Supporting Healthy Aging

    Mulhausen, Paul

    Pages 367-375

  • Public Policy Supporting Healthy Aging

    Coll, Patrick P. (et al.)

    Pages 377-384


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