Orthopedic Practice Management

Strategies for Growth and Success

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Autore: Makhni, Makhni, Swart, Bush-Joseph
Editore: Springer
Anno: 2019
Pagine: 242
ISBN: 9783319969374
Prezzo: 120,00€
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This unique resource provides a solid introduction to practice management for orthopedic practitioners—whether employed in a hospital setting, in private practice, or on faculty at a university setting—and it will be especially valuable to all surgeons still in their residency, providing valuable insight into how to best prepare to effectively care for patients. Orthopedists both domestic and international will benefit immensely from its contents, skills that are often overlooked in medical training. 
Part one presents the essentials of starting and building a practice, including strategic, personal and legal considerations, partnerships and ancillaries, keys for growth and success, incorporating mid-level providers, and the use of social media. Leadership and management are covered in part two, discussing the management of a private practice and a privademic medical center, recruitment and expansion, outcome collections, the pursuit of a dual degree, and all-important healthcare policy. Additional relevant topics are presented in part three, including surgical training and education, independent medical exams and legal depositions, board certification and maintenance, principles of clinical research, and surgical innovation. 
In today’s ever-changing healthcare climate, practitioners must know how to deliver the medicine they spent so many years learning and perfecting. Orthopedic Practice Management is the first text dedicated to teaching surgeons the essential non-clinical fundamentals for succeeding in healthcare. No matter what stage of practice you are in—from student to master surgeon—you will find that this book contains invaluable information for achieving success in orthopedics.

  • What to Look For In a New Job Opportunity: Strategic, Personal, and Legal Considerations

    Swart, Eric F.

    Pages 3-9

  • Partnership, Ancillaries, and Other Considerations

    McCaslin, Michael J. (et al.)

    Pages 11-32

  • Setting up your Clinical Practice – Keys for Growth and Success

    Makhni, Eric C. (et al.)

    Pages 33-41

  • Recruiting and Incorporating Mid-Level Providers

    Borowsky, Peter (et al.)

    Pages 43-59

  • Social Media Use in the Field of Orthopedic Surgery

    Fidai, Mohsin S. (et al.)

    Pages 61-70

  • Building and Managing a Successful Private Practice

    Lombardi, Joseph M. (et al.)

    Pages 73-83

  • Leading a Privademic Medical Center: Experience Running the Rothman Institute

    Murphy, Hamadi A. (et al.)

    Pages 85-91

  • Recruitment and Department Expansion

    Levine, William N.

    Pages 93-98

  • Implementing Outcomes Collection in Clinical Practice

    Meta, Fabien (et al.)

    Pages 99-114

  • Pursuing a Dual Degree

    Makhni, Eric C.

    Pages 115-120

  • Healthcare Policy

    Lalezari, Ramin M. (et al.)

    Pages 121-148

  • Surgical Training and Education

    Miller, Daniel J. (et al.)

    Pages 151-159

  • Independent Medical Examinations and Legal Depositions

    Hijji, Fady Y. (et al.)

    Pages 161-170

  • Board Certification and Maintenance in Orthopedic Surgery

    Gundle, Kenneth R.

    Pages 171-186

  • Principles of Clinical Research

    Puzzitiello, Richard N. (et al.)

    Pages 187-212

  • Innovation for Surgeon Inventors

    Bartol, Stephen

    Pages 213-233


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