Hemodynamic Monitoring

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Autore: Pinsky, Teboul, Vincent
Editore: Springer
Anno: 2019
Pagine: 479
ISBN: 9783319692685
Prezzo: 100,00€
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This book, part of the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine textbook series, teaches readers how to use hemodynamic monitoring, an essential skill for today’s intensivists. It offers a valuable guide for beginners, as well as for experienced intensivists who want to hone their skills, helping both groups detect an inadequacy of perfusion and make the right choices to achieve the main goal of hemodynamic monitoring in the critically ill, i.e., to correctly assess the cardiovascular system and its response to tissue oxygen demands.

The book is divided into distinguished sections: from physiology to pathophysiology; clinical assessment and measurements; and clinical practice achievements including techniques, the basic goals in clinical practice as well as the more appropriate hemodynamic therapy to be applied in different conditions. All chapters use a learning-oriented style, with practical examples, key points and take home messages, helping readers quickly absorb the content and, at the same time, apply what they have learned in the clinical setting.


The European Society of Intensive Care Medicine has developed the Lessons from the ICU series with the vision of providing focused and state-of-the-art overviews of central topics in Intensive Care and optimal resources for clinicians working in Intensive Care.

  • Introduction to “Hemodynamic Monitoring”

    Takala, Jukka

    Pages 3-5

  • Shock: Definition and Recognition

    Dell’Anna, Antonio M. (et al.)

    Pages 7-20

  • Assessing the Adequacy of Cardiac Output

    Vincent, Jean-Louis

    Pages 21-26

  • Determinants of Venous Return

    Aya, Hollmann D. (et al.)

    Pages 27-37

  • Arterial Blood Pressure Regulation

    Kobzik, Alexander (et al.)

    Pages 39-48

  • Pulmonary Circulation

    Maggiorini, Marco

    Pages 49-64

  • The Pulse: An Essential Vital Sign

    Marik, Paul E.

    Pages 65-69

  • Autonomic Dysfunction in Shock

    Ackland, Gareth L.

    Pages 71-80

  • Oxygen Delivery

    Duscio, Eleonora (et al.)

    Pages 81-96

  • Mitochondrial Function

    Singer, Mervyn

    Pages 97-106

  • Perioperative Haemodynamics

    McAndrew, Katherine (et al.)

    Pages 107-115

  • Hemodynamics and Extracorporeal Circulation

    Coutrot, Maxime (et al.)

    Pages 117-127

  • Clinical Assessment of Hemodynamic Instability

    Bakker, Jan

    Pages 131-145

  • Assessment of the Microcirculation

    De Backer, Daniel

    Pages 147-155

  • SvO2/ScvO2

    Molnar, Zsolt (et al.)

    Pages 157-171

  • The PCO2 Gaps

    Ospina-Tascón, Gustavo A.

    Pages 173-190

  • Lactate

    Castro, Ricardo (et al.)

    Pages 191-201

  • Cardiac Ultrasound Examination in Shock

    Geri, Guillaume (et al.)

    Pages 205-214

  • Non-cardiac Ultrasound Signs in Shock

    Lou, Becky X. (et al.)

    Pages 215-222

  • Central Venous Pressure

    Magder, Sheldon

    Pages 223-231

  • Arterial Blood Pressure

    Saugel, Bernd (et al.)

    Pages 233-245

  • Cardiac Output Monitors

    Reuter, Daniel A. (et al.)

    Pages 247-252

  • Volumetric Monitoring in Critically Ill Patients

    Malbrain, Manu L. N. G.

    Pages 253-282

  • Assessment of Fluid Responsiveness

    Monnet, Xavier (et al.)

    Pages 283-299

  • Pulmonary Artery Catheter

    Filipović-Grčić, Ina (et al.)

    Pages 301-312

  • Arterial Pressure Waveform Analysis on Cardiac Output Monitoring

    Monge García, Manuel Ignacio (et al.)

    Pages 313-322

  • Oesophageal Doppler

    Lacey, Jonathan (et al.)

    Pages 323-337

  • Bioimpedance and Bioreactance

    Nguyen, Lee S. (et al.)

    Pages 339-355

  • Blood Pressure Targets in the Initial Stabilization

    Demiselle, Julien (et al.)

    Pages 359-366

  • Lessons from the ICU: Choosing the Right Vasopressor

    Fiorini, Francesco (et al.)

    Pages 367-377

  • Fluid Resuscitation

    Hjortrup, Peter Buhl (et al.)

    Pages 379-389

  • Choosing the Ideal Hemodynamic Therapy in Acute Right and Left Heart Failure

    Hollinger, Alexa (et al.)

    Pages 393-410

  • Cardiopulmonary Monitoring of Septic Shock

    Martin, Claude (et al.)

    Pages 411-418

  • In ARDS

    Grasselli, Giacomo (et al.)

    Pages 419-437

  • In Neurological Emergencies

    Crippa, Ilaria Alice (et al.)

    Pages 439-455

  • Perioperative Haemodynamic Optimisation

    Edwards, Mark R. (et al.)

    Pages 457-467

  • In a Patient Under ECMO

    Abrams, Darryl (et al.)

    Pages 469-479


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