Extraskeletal Effects of Vitamin D

A Clinical Guide

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Autore: Liao
Editore: Springer
Anno: 2018
Pagine: 254
ISBN: 9783319737416
Prezzo: 90,00€
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While the skeletal effects of vitamin D are well-documented, the role and importance of vitamin D outside of bone health has not been well-established. Vitamin D receptors are located in nearly every tissue of the body, and low levels of vitamin D are associated with a range of various diseases. 
This book provides an in-depth examination of these extraskeletal effects of vitamin D and the associations between vitamin D deficiency and various disease states. Beginning with a review of the biochemistry and physiology of vitamin D, subsequent chapters investigate its relationship to autoimmune and infectious diseases, various forms of cancer, endocrine issues such as diabetes, obesity and reproductive function, cardiovascular disease and muscle weakness. Concluding chapters discuss the role of vitamin D in neurological disorders, including Alzheimer's Disease, and cognitive function. 
Focusing on extraskeletal effects only across a range of conditions, Extraskeletal Effects of Vitamin D will be an important resource for clinical endocrinologists and primary care physicians.

  • Vitamin D Biochemistry and Physiology

    Bikle, Daniel D., MD, PhD

    Pages 1-40

  • Vitamin D and Autoimmune Diseases

    Azrielant, Shir, MD (et al.)

    Pages 41-55

  • Vitamin D and Infectious Diseases

    Wejse, Christian, MD, PhD (et al.)

    Pages 57-75

  • Vitamin D Hormone Action in the Endocrine Tissue: Implications for Prostate and Breast Carcinoma

    Killer, Caleb, BS (et al.)

    Pages 77-101

  • Vitamin D and Colorectal Cancer

    Do, Albert, MD, MPH (et al.)

    Pages 103-114

  • Vitamin D and Leukaemia

    Brown, Geoffrey, BSc, PhD (et al.)

    Pages 115-134

  • Vitamin D and Diabetes

    Liao, Emilia Pauline, MD

    Pages 135-149

  • Vitamin D and Cardiovascular Disease

    Sondarwa, Kaushal (et al.)

    Pages 151-164

  • Vitamin D and Obesity

    Avtanski, Dimiter, PhD (et al.)

    Pages 165-181

  • Vitamin D in Male and Female Reproduction

    Nandi, Anindita, MD

    Pages 183-204

  • Muscle Weakness and Falls

    Iolascon, Giovanni, MD (et al.)

    Pages 205-225

  • Vitamin D and the Central Nervous System: Development, Protection, and Disease

    Roman, Samantha, MD (et al.)

    Pages 227-247


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