Self-Assessment in Dermatopathology

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Autore: Mahalingam,
Editore: Cambridge University Press
Anno: 2018
Pagine: 379
ISBN: 9781316622872
Prezzo: 88,00€
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An essential examination resource for anyone sitting their primary or maintenance of certification examinations in dermatology, pathology or dermatopathology, Self-Assessment in Dermatopathology uses histopathology as a catalyst for constructive and critical thinking and to trigger relevant clinical, genetic and syndromic associations. Concise explanations at the end of each chapter give short answers to each question and expand on each answer choice. Each chapter consists of an increasingly difficult selection of questions, allowing the reader to develop and self-test their knowledge. Tables relevant to the section covered have also been incorporated in the answer section. Using this practical approach, the reader will become familiar with the pathologic basis of clinically relevant dermatoses and cutaneous tumors. The question and answer format make this book the first resource of its kind. Thinking about information in a new way is the foundation of this book, making it an invaluable addition for any trainee.

  • Unique in the field, this book is an essential resource for trainees across continents
  • Uses histopathology as a tool to trigger key clinical, syndromic and genetic associations
  • Provides a self-teaching review that offers an in-depth knowledge of all entities involving the skin


1. General
2. Genodermatoses and epidermal disorders
3. Pigmentary disorders
4. Tissue reaction patterns
5. Disorders involving the dermis and, or subcutis
6. Depositional diseases and cutaneous manifestations of systemic disease and depositional diseases
7. Infections
8. Tumors.

List of Tables viii
Foreword x
Preface xiii
A. General Clues, Questions 1
A. General Clues, Answers 3
B. Genodermatoses and Epidermal Disorders,
Questions 9
B. Genodermatoses and Epidermal Disorders,
Answers 12
C. Pigmentary Disorders, Questions 17
C. Pigmentary Disorders, Answers 19
D. Tissue Reaction Patterns 24
D1. Psoriasiform Reaction Patterns, Questions 24
D1. Psoriasiform Reaction Patterns, Answers 27
D2. Spongiotic Reaction Patterns, Questions 39
D2. Spongiotic Reaction Patterns, Answers 43
D3. Vesicobullous Diseases, Questions 57
D3. Vesicobullous Diseases, Answers 62
D4. Connective Tissue Disease and Other Interface
Dermatitis, Questions 72
D4. Connective Tissue Disease and Other Interface
Dermatitis, Answers 78
D5. Vasculopathic Reaction Patterns, Questions 94
D5. Vasculopathic Reaction Patterns, Answers 100
D6. Granulomatous Reaction Patterns, Questions 113
D6. Granulomatous Reaction Patterns, Answers 118
E. Disorders Involving the Dermis and/or Subcutis 129
E1. Collagen and Elastic Tissue Disorders, Questions 129
E1. Collagen and Elastic Tissue Disorders, Answers 133
E2. Cutaneous Mucinoses, Questions 137
E2. Cutaneous Mucinoses, Answers 140
E3. Cysts and Sinuses, Questions 149
E3. Cysts and Sinuses, Answers 154
E4. Cutaneous Appendageal Diseases, Questions 162
E4. Cutaneous Appendageal Diseases, Answers 166
E5. Panniculitis, Questions 170
E5. Panniculitis, Answers 174
F. Depositional Diseases and Cutaneous Manifestations
of Systemic Disease, Questions 185
F. Depositional Diseases and Cutaneous Manifestations
of Systemic Disease, Answers 194
G. Infections, Questions 206
G. Infections, Answers 217
H. Tumors, Questions 243
H. Tumors, Answers 289
Index 371

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