Tietz Textbook of Clinical Chemistry and Molecular Diagnostics, 6th Edition

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Autore: Nader Rifai
Editore: Elsevier
Anno: 2017
Pagine: 1888
ISBN: 9780323359214
Prezzo: 235,00€
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The Tietz Textbook of Clinical Chemistry and Molecular Diagnostics, 6th Edition provides the most current and authoritative guidance on selecting, performing, and evaluating the results of new and established laboratory tests. This classic clinical chemistry reference offers encyclopedic coverage of the field that defines analytical criteria for the medical usefulness of laboratory procedures, introduces new approaches for establishing reference ranges, describes variables that affect tests and results, examines modern analytical tools and their impact on laboratory management and costs, and demonstrates the applications of statistical methods. It is THE definitive reference in clinical chemistry, now fully searchable and with quarterly content updates, podcasts, and extended content online through Expert Consult.

  • Analytical criteria focus on the medical usefulness of laboratory procedures. 
  • Reference ranges show new approaches for establishing these ranges - and provide the latest information on this topic.
  • Lab management and costs gives students and chemists the practical information they need to assess costs, allowing them to do their job more efficiently and effectively.
  • Statistical methods coverage provides you with information critical to the practice of clinical chemistry. 
  • Internationally recognized chapter authors are considered among the best in their field.
  • Two-color design highlights important features, illustrations, and content to help you find information easier and faster.
New To This Edition:
  • NEW! Internationally recognized chapter authors are considered among the best in their field.
  • NEW! Expert Consult features fully searchable text, quarterly content updates, clinical case studies, animations, podcasts, atlases, biochemical calculations, multiple-choice questions, links to Medline, an image collection, and audio interviews. You will now enjoy an online version making utility of this book even greater.
  • UPDATED! Expanded Molecular Diagnostics section with 12 chapters that focus on emerging issues and techniques in the rapidly evolving and important field of molecular diagnostics and genetics ensures this text is on the cutting edge and of the most value.
  • NEW! Comprehensive list of Reference Intervals for children and adults with graphic displays developed using contemporary instrumentation.
  • NEW! Standard and international units of measure make this text appropriate for any user - anywhere in the world.
  • NEW! 22 new chapters that focus on applications of mass spectrometry, hematology, transfusion medicine, microbiology, biobanking, biomarker utility in the pharmaceutical industry and more!
  • NEW! Expert senior editors, Nader Rifai, Carl Wittwer and Rita Horvath, bring fresh perspectives and help ensure the most current information is presented.
  • UPDATED! Thoroughly revised and peer-reviewed chapters provide you with the most current information possible.


1. Clinical chemistry and molecular diagnostics (Rifai, Horvath, Wittwer)
2. Statistical methodologies in laboratory medicine: analytical and clinical evaluation of laboratory tests  (Linnet, Boyd, Moons)
3. Quality management in the medical laboratory (Burnett, Burnett, Mackay)
4. Sample handling and processing (Haverstick, Jones)
5. Preanalytical variation and pre-examination processes (Simundic, Nicolac, Guder)
6. Quality control of the analytical examination process (Miller, Sandberg)
7. Biological variation (Fraser, Sandberg)
8. Establishment and use of reference intervals (Horowitz, Jones)
9. Evidence-based laboratory medicine (Horvath, Bossuyt, Glasziou)
10. NEW! Biobanking (Ellervik, Vaught)
11. NEW! Laboratory support of pharmaceutical, in vitro diagnostics, and epidemiologic studies (Sarno, Sethi, Laterza, Rifai)

12. Principles of basic techniques and laboratory safety (Lo)
13. Optical techniques (Kricka, Park)
14. Electrochemistry and chemical sensors (D’Orazio)
15. Electrophoresis (Bazydlo, Landers)
16. Chromatography (Hage)
17. Mass spectrometry (Rockwood, Kushnir, Clarke)
18. NEW! Sample preparation for mass spectrometry applications (Wells)
19. NEW! Mass spectrometry applications in infectious disease and pathogens identification (Heaton, Patel)
20. NEW! Development and Validation of Small Molecule Analytes By Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry (Grant, Rappold)
21. NEW! Proteomics (Hoofnagle, Bystrom)

22. Enzyme and rate analysis (Bais, Panteghini)
23. Immunochemical techniques (Kricka, Park)
24. NEW! Microfabrication and microfluidics and their application in clinical diagnostics (Bazydlo, Landers)
25. NEW! Cytometery (Shapiro)
26. Automation in the clinical laboratory (Hawker, Genzen, Wittwer)
27. Point of care testing (St. John, Price)

28. Amino acids, peptides and proteins (Dietzen)
29. Serum enzymes (Panteghini)
30. Enzymes of the red blood cell (van Solinge, van Wijk)
31. Tumor markers (Sturgeon)
32. Kidney function tests (Lamb, Jones)
33. Carbohydrates (Sacks)
34. Lipids, lipoproteins, apolipoproteins,  and  other cardiovascular risk factors (Remaley, Dayspring, Warnick)
35. Electrolytes and blood gases (Schindler, Brown, Scott)
36. Hormones (Cole)
37. Vitamins and trace elements (Roberts, Taylor, Sodi)
38. Hemoglobin, iron, bilirubin (Cappellini, Lo, Swinkels)
39. Porphyrins and the porphyrias (Badminton, Whatley, Sardh, Aarsand)
40. Therapeutic drugs and their management (Shaw, Milone)
41. Clinical toxicology (Langman, Bechtel, Holstege, Meier)
42. Toxic elements (Strathmann, Blum)
43. NEW! Body Fluids (Florkowski, Block)

44. Principles of molecular biology (Howe)
45. Genomes and variants (Wittwer, Park)
46. Nucleic acid isolation (Thatcher)
47. Nucleic acid techniques (Wittwer, Makrigiorgos)
48. NEW! Molecular microbiology (Nolte)
49. Genetics (Vnencak-Jones, Best)
50. NEW! Solid tumor genomics (Mardis)
51. Genetic aspects of hematopoietic malignancies (Kelley, Patel)
52. NEW! Circulating tumor cells (Lianidou, Hoon)
53. Circulating nucleic acids for prenatal diagnostics (Chiu, Lo)
54. Pharmacogenetics (McMillin, Wadelius, Pratt)
55. Identity testing (Weedn, Gettings, Podini)

56. Nutrition: laboratory and clinical aspects (Marshall, Ayling)
57. Diabetes mellitus (Sacks)
58. Cardiac function (Apple, Goetze, Jaffe)
59. Kidney disease (Delaney, Lamb)
60. Disorders of water, electrolytes, and acid-base metabolism (Cheng, Schindler, Scott)
61. Liver disease (Rosenberg, Badrick, Tanwar)
62. Gastric, pancreatic and intestinal function (Sherwood, Bjarnason, Walsham)
63. Monoamine-producing tumors (Eisenhofer, Grebe, Cheung)
64. Bone and mineral metabolism (Fraser)
65. Pituitary function and pathophysiology (Winter, McCormack, Bertholf)
66. The adrenal cortex (Bertolf, Cooper, Winter)
67. Thyroid Disorders (Freedman, Halsall, Marshall, Ellervik)
68. Reproductive endocrinology and related disorders (Nerenz, Jungheim, Gronowski)
69. Pregnancy and its disorders (Yarbrough, Stout, Gronowski)
70. Newborn screening and inborn errors of metabolism (Pasquali, Longo)
71. Hemostasis (Higgins, Kitchen, Chen)
72. NEW! Red Blood Cell Morphology and Indices and the Clinical Chemistry Interface (Green, Rashidi)
73. NEW! Automated hematology (George, Chabot-Richards, Zhang)

74. NEW! Bacteriology (Doern, Forbes)
75. NEW! Antimicrobial resistance (Humphries, Abbott)
76. NEW! Mycobacteriology (Caulfield, Liesman, Chen, Wengenack)
77. NEW! Mycology (Hilmarsdóttir, Schuetz, Lau)
78. NEW! Parasitology (Pritt)
79. NEW! Virology (Buchan, Anderson)

80. NEW! Blood Groups and Pre-Transfusion Testing (Quillen, Manis)
81. NEW! Blood Components, Transfusion Reactions, and Blood Donation (Quillen, Manis)

APPENDIX: Reference information for the clinical laboratory (Adeli, Ceriotti, Nieuwesteeg)

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